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What bedding works for you will not only depend on the bedding itself, but your cage arrangement, cost, and your time. Some pet owners use a single bedding for their animals. Others use a combination of beddings to produce a comfortable, dry, and clean living space. A look at what other pet owners use may help you choose the bedding that is right for you:

Check out these Guinea Lynx Forums favorites:

    Wood pellets -- plain or topped with CareFresh or shavings
    Pine shavings -- plain or topped with CareFresh or hay
    Towels combined with shaving/hay litter box or hay box
    A newspaper liner, layer of Aspen, layer of Carefresh, and hay on top
    A layer of Yesterday's News with pine shavings on top

Litter tray with stool -- pine shavings topped with soft grass hay.
Heavy cotton and towels in open areas. Free range pigs.
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Fleece with litter tray in corner. A CC cage using mesh grids.
Photo thanks to LER.
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Wood pellets in a CC cage. Photos thanks to LER.
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Wood pellets topped with fine shavings.
A nicely designed hand made cage. Photo thanks to 11guineas.

Hints and Tips

Use a Large Cage!: There are many, many advantages to using large cages. See: Guinea Pig Cages to learn how to make spacious cages for your pigs. Large cages mean you don't have to change the bedding as frequently (resulting in better odor control) and your pigs will not only be healthier, but happier as well.

Wet Shavings: Make sure whatever bedding you purchase is dry to start out with. Wet bedding can mold, putting your guinea pig's health at risk.

Towels/cloth for boars: If your boar collects bedding and debris in his perineal sac when marking, you may find heavy cloths help keep it cleaner.

Towels/cloth for longhaired guinea pigs: If you have a long haired guinea pig, you may find the hair picks up loose bedding when you take your guinea pig out to play. Heavy cloths and towels make it easier to keep the fur clean.

Illness: Light colored towels are easier to walk on and help you keep track of output more easily.

Eating Bedding: Eating small amounts of newspaper, while not recommended, is generally not harmful since almost all papers use a soy based ink.

Daily Cleaning: Many people spot clean the cages, removing wet areas daily. Hay must be removed and replaced daily.

Weekly Cleaning: We recommend a thorough cleaning at least once or twice a week. Remove all bedding and clean the floor of the enclosure. Spray vinegar on areas with urine deposits and wipe (the vinegar chemically dissolves the urine deposits).

WARNING - Small Enclosed Cages Restrict Proper Air Circulation: Cages like aquariums are never recommended. They allow poor air circulation and can promote a build up of ammonia. The wetter environment also encourages the formation of mold and encourages bacterial growth.

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