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Looking for information?

Use the Search function at the left of every page to see if the GLX-Files has a page that can help you. And don't forget to check the Guinea Lynx Medical and Care Guide Index and Guinea Lynx Forums for information.

Want to contribute to the GLX-Files?

Become an active member of Guinea Lynx Forums. Then open an account on the GLX-Files using the same or a similar name (contact Lynx using the Forum mailer if you are having difficulty), log in, and start contributing! Be sure to use good punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. And be concise! Contributing is a privilege.

How do I edit a page?

Find a guide to editing at Mediawiki. Be sure to preview before saving changes!

How do I start a page?

Find a guide to starting a new page at Mediawiki. Be sure to preview before saving changes!

How do I upload a picture?

IMPORTANT: the only pictures allowed on the GLX-Files are reference medical and care pictures. If you upload personal pics, your account will be suspended.

To upload a reference picture, log in. Click on "Upload file" in the "toolbox" in the left hand column.

Before uploading, be sure to crop and size your pic carefully. Optimize it to control size. Send it to Lynx if it is too big and you do not know how to compress it (Lynx uses PaintShop Pro).

Be sure to choose a good name for your picture. Put the name of the person who took the picture first and a descriptive name after. Do not use any spaces. Include a description of the file.

Use only pictures that are yours or that you have permission to use from the photographer.

Example of a good file name: Lynx-curved-tip-syringe.jpg

How do I link to a picture?

Lynx uploaded this picture: Lynx-curved-tip-syringe.jpg

It is a small image, appropriate to display on a page. To display it, she will use double brackets around the text above, like this (spaces are inserted so you can view the format that must be used):

[ [ Image:Lynx-curved-tip-syringe.jpg ] ]

Remove spaces to display the pic:


To instead link to an uploaded file (like large xrays), write [ [ Media:Lynx-curved-tip-syringe.jpg ] ] instead of [ [ Image:Lynx-curved-tip-syringe.jpg ] ].

Result: Media:Lynx-curved-tip-syringe.jpg

To instead link to the image description page, write [ [ :Image:Lynx-curved-tip-syringe.jpg ] ].

Result: Image:Lynx-curved-tip-syringe.jpg

Read more at Mediawiki's Image advice page

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