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The GLX-Files

"The Truth is Here."

These pages are maintained by Lynx and active members of Guinea Lynx Forums. We are eager to share what we have learned over the years.

If you are a member of Guinea Lynx Forums, feel free to open an account and contribute to the Files. Please register using your forum name (or one close to it) and the email address you used on Guinea Lynx Forums.

Be sure to preview before you post. Be concise in your contributions. And above all, use good capitalization, punctuation, and spelling!

Readers unfamiliar with the site should check the Guinea Lynx Medical and Care Guide Index and Guinea Lynx Forums for more information.

Participating forum members can find a guide to editing and another on starting a new page at Mediawiki.

A complete listing of the pages in the The GLX-Files can be found here: All Pages (several are begging for your input!)

The most frequently used pages list veterinarians by country:


See also:

Feel free to add links to relevant forum threads to the posts above. Add new pages very carefully. You are welcome to email me for suggestions concerning adding new pages.

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