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Mundelein, IL

Dr. Stephen Barten, Dr. Eve Cheung, Dr. Susan Sneed
Vernon Hills Animal Hospital
1260 S. Butterfield Rd., Mundlein, IL 60060

Aroma Park, IL

Dr. Marcia Gortowski
VCA Aroma Park Animal Hospital
Aroma Park, IL 60910

She can handle guinea pig basics, can look at molars with an otoscope, but that's the scope of her tooth knowledge with these little guys. Successfully repaired an inguinal hernia on my little guy.
Contributed by: melcvt00 - 6/23/2003, 9:10 am


Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital
1923 S. Mannheim Road
Westchester, IL 60154
(708) 344-8166

Very experienced with guinea pigs.
Contributed by: mooser - 7/17/2004, 3:44 pm
Elmwood Park

Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital/ Midwest Emergency Animal Hospital

All of the vets here are very competent and used to seeing pigs on a regular basis. They have done a toe amputation, mass removal, many xrays and blood tests, and euthanasia for me. They also carry Oxbow products incl. Critical care. They also now have emergency services available, and when I leave pigs there overnight I can have these emergency vets check on my pigs often, and call for updates at any time during the night if I want. It's more expensive, though.

7510 W. North Av.
Elmwood Park, IL 708.453.8181 Contributed by: mooser - 7/28/2006, 10:06 pm


Animal 911 Emergency Clinic

I brought a pig in once, one of the vets gave subcues, AB's, Critical Care. This is also a normal exotics vet by day, but I haven't been during the day, only during emergency hours.

3735 W. Dempster St. Skokie, IL 60076
(847)673-9110 (emergency)
(847)329-8709 (normal hours)
Contributed by: mooser - 7/29/2006, 4:00 pm

Elmwood Park

Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital/ Midwest Emergency Animal Hospital

At this point I would NOT recommend Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital. The original owners (including Dr. Nye who I initially saw there) have sold the practice, and the remaining doctors seem more focused on avian and herp patients. They tend to take the "we are the experts, don't ask questions" approach to animal care. For example, they continue to do skin scrapings and injections for mites and deny that baytril could cause serious GI problems for some guinea pigs. They have sonogram equipment, but no one who was considered well enough versed in the technology to administer and read the tests, necessitating a three-hour trip to the UW vet school when I needed those services. Their overnight "special watch" hospital was a nightmare for one of my pigs.

7510 W. North Av.
Elmwood Park, IL 708.453.8181 Contributed by: EllieMom - 5/9/2008, 10:06 pm


Animal 911 Emergency clinic>
My pigs never get sick during working hours, and it's hard to find one that has experience with guinea pigs. I took Oreo in because she was bloated terribly an din pain. They looked over the "records" I keep in my Care Guide and actually paid attention to it and used information about Oreo from that source (e.g., bad reaction to Baytril). The intake vet was careful with her and, based on previous bouts with this condition, started on the right course of care immediately. Oreo stayed over night and I called several times to check on her. MY questions were answered by either a vet or vet tech, all of whom were caring and showed knowledge of guinea pigs. The fact that they are an offshoot of Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital also provided some credibility. I love my current vet, but I wouldn't hesitate a moment to go back to Animal911 if I had an emergency.

3735 West Dempster Street
Skokie, IL 60076 847-673-9110
Contributed by:EllieMom - 6/10/2008, 1:06 pm

Elmwood Park (village borders Chicago, Oak Park, River Forest, and River Grove)

Dr. Dianne Poliakoff, Dr. Betsy Clarkson
Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital 708-453-8181
& Midwest Animal Emergency Hospital 708-453-4755
7510 W. North Ave (near North and Harlem)
Elmwood Park, IL 60707

All 16 of my guinea pigs have been seen and treated at this exotic hospital. We've been going there for about 2 years, and they have done a great job treating my babies! Recently, Mizuki had surgery to have 20+ non-cancerous fatty tumors removed from her abdomen. She's also being treated for arthritis in her knee. The surgery went great, no problems. Zuki has recovered and is doing very well! My babies have also had the following ailments resolved here - eye infections, URI's, lice and mites (always isolate a new gp!), pneumonia, bladder stones, spinal injury (accident). In addition, they've done castrations & spay for us. The doctors and staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They are experts in exotics. They see exotics during normal office hours, and exotics & other pets after hours in their emergency hospital. I'm very satisfied with their work. I highly recommend them!

Contributed by: GuineaPigsR4Me - 03/05/2010 11:05 AM


Milbrook Veterinary Hospital
David J. Bongiorno DVM
"Dr. Dave" is a skilled and caring vet. While this is a general clinic, he is quite experienced with exotics and has successfully performed a complicated spay and tumor removal on one of my guinea pigs and liver lobectomy on another. His staff is knowledgeable and, above all, kind and caring. I cannot recommend this practice strongly enough. In fact, I travel 90 minutes each way to go to them rather than one of the hundreds of vets who are closer to my home.

1749 S. Randall Rd. Unit C
Geneva, IL 60134 (630)208-7027
Contributed by:EllieMom - 9/1/2010, 8:41am


Ness Exotic Wellness Center
Robert D. Ness, DVM
Dr. Ness and his staff (includes former Cubs player Dr. Richard Nye and Dr. Golan) are dedicated, caring, and talented. I have brought all nine of my guinea pigs for everything from regular checkups to surgery. We have had castrations and ovarian cysts and assorted tumors removed. I will not take my little guys anywhere but to see Dr. Ness and his staff. He also has emergency hours, treats every manner of exotics, and does acupuncture for dogs and cats. He is big on holistics and healthy diet, but does prescribe antibiotics and such where necessary.

1007 Maple Avenue
Lisle, IL 60532 630-737-1281,
Contributed by:3LittleMen - 07/20/2014, 4:20pm
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