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Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapolis
9330 Waldemar Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
(317) 879-8633
Fax: (317) 879-0823

In Indianapolis, the absolute best exotic animal vet is Dr. Angela Lennox. Over the past few years, she has cared for our guinea pigs - anything from maintenance check-ups to surgical procedures. Her staff is amazing - I really like that she employs vet students from Purdue University. Not only are the technicians gentle and knowledgable, but they are also patient and good with kids and parents alike. We've had a couple of guinea pig emergencies and although they tend to be booked up a few days in advanced, we've never been turned away.

Another plus is that Avian stocks Oxbow Products.

Contributed by: Kristinafh - June 9, 2010

Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic
Angela Lenox, DVM
9330 Waldemar Rd (near I-465 and Michigan Rd)
Indianapolis, IN 46268

I left a fabulous vet in California (Dr. Nakamura) and was worried about finding a similar, competent vet here in Indianapolis. I had taken my pigs to Dr. Breitweiser and I believe she is competent, but I switched to Dr. Lennox after Josephine and Dr. Nakamura both recommended her to me. She is a much better fit for me. Dr. Lennox is competent, extremely in tune with guinea pigs, reasonable in her diagnosis and treatment and one of the leading dental vets in the country. She teaches workshops and seminars on rodent dentistry throughout the US. Add to this a competent, caring and just plain nice staff in her office and you have a perfect combination. She also works with an emergency/specialty organization here called Circle City Vets. They do a great deal of work with Purdue vets and have extremely sophisticated (and a bit pricey) facilities and eqipment. They also have acess to some of the foremost radiologists around. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone.
Contributed by: Becky - November 30, 2007


Dr. Julie Becker, DVM
Tippecanoe County Animal Hospital
3818 SR 38E
Lafayette, IN 47905

Dr. Alexander Wolf, DVM
Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic
415 N. Earl Ave.
Lafayette, IN 47904

I have personal experience with both. My primary vet is Dr. Becker. I did have an emergency and was sent to Dr. Wolf. Both have done numerous surgeries on guinea pigs (stone removals and neuters). Dr. Becker also takes in sick/injured/unwanted guinea pigs. If anyone in the Lafayette area would like to adopt a healthy guinea pig, please contact her.
Contributed by: rachmcg13 - 12/18/2003, 4:49 pm
Indianapolis and Bloomington, South Bend, Lafayette

Also see a state list of rabbit vets at and please read the disclaimer.

Beth Ann Breitweiser, DVM
All Wild Things
6058 N Keystone (across from Glendale Mall)
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Excellent exotics vet. Dr. B cares for all of my pigs and bunnies. She is great about fitting in sick animals and always available for emergencies. When she doesn't know something (which is pretty infrequent compared to most vets I've used), she admits it and learns with me, and recommends specialists as appropriate (like a vet ophthalmologist, etc.) Dr. B is also our primary vet for our rabbit rescue, and contributes a lot of effort to that cause. We appreciate her cooperation and send anyone and everyone with an exotic her way. Not the cheapest vet I've ever used, but certainly better care for the money. A couple of weeks ago she spayed my 4-yr-old piggy who turned out to have cancer on the cervix, and the next day Sophie was running around like nothing had happened to her.

Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic
Angela Lenox, DVM
9330 Waldemar Rd (near I-465 and Michigan Rd)
Indianapolis, IN 46268

I've only used this clinic a few times, and can certainly recommend them for their skill and a good reputation as well. I prefer the other vet I've listed above for personal reasons (like help with rescue efforts, and less personal emphasis on preferring lizard/bird patients), but the care is still excellent at Avian and Exotic.

The Cat Care Centre
Sue Whitman, DVM
Bloomington, IN

Dr. Sue was my bunny and piggy vet before I moved to Indianapolis. She is incredibly caring and accomodating, and also donates a lot of time to rescue efforts. Despite the clinic's focus on cats, ferret, piggy, and bunny people come from miles around to see Dr. Sue. I don't find her as "high-tech" as the true exotics vets in Indianapolis, but she makes a great effort and has incredibly reasonable pricing, too. She is relatively unwilling to do guinea pig surgery (spay/neuter anyway) in my experience. Dr. Sue's love for pigs and buns really shows; she has her own pets at home and I think that makes a difference.

South Bend area:
I never did find a good exotics vet in South Bend. However, I will note my experiences, so that others may benefit.

Magrane's Animal Hospital has a director (Dr. Neuhoff I think) who is also a podiatrist. She's great with guinea pigs. However, she keeps very limited hours there and usually their small animal guy is a Dr. Neumann, I believe. He's okay but I'm not going to give a ringing endorsement. I haven't been to them in a couple of years, however, so things may have changed.

My best recommendation in the SB area is Morris Animal Hospital, on SR23 near the Toll Rd entrance (Mishawaka exit 83). One of the vets there sees rabbits and guinea pigs and does a pretty good job. I called every vet in town when I got my first rabbit and this vet passed the test for knowledge of rabbit care, but she isn't an exotics specialist. I only saw her for a routine checkup while there so I don't know how she is with emergencies. She did successfully treat UTI's in my guinea pigs and even did xray to rule out stones, as well as urinalysis. Being with a dog/cat clinic has advantages since they have more equipment than my exotics vets do, like ultrasound machines.

Lafayette: I have not used vets here, but I have heard EXCELLENT recommendations for Dr. Alex Wolfe (see the vet link at the top of this post for contact info) from fellow rabbit people.
Contributed by: SmarterThanYouThink - 7/17/2003, 11:21 am

Dr. Scott Thompson
East Side Animal Hospital
4125 East Morgan Avenue
Evansville, IN 47715

Dr. Thompson has treated a couple of our guinea pigs, and has done a good job (probably the most knowledgeable in Southern Indiana). Thorough; if he doesn't know the answer, he will consult with other vets outside the State or post on VIN. Good follow-up, and generally returns phone calls quickly.

The clinic has ultrasound equipment.

Dr. Laura Bakowski
Village East Animal Hospital
(Across from Washington Square Mall on Green River Road)
Evansville, IN

I do not have personal experience with this vet, but she comes highly recommended by several rabbit owners in the area. She has apparently done many successful rabbit neuterings, as well as dental work and other procedures. No ultrasound equipment.

Dr. Tom Kilbane
Epperson Veterinary Clinic
13659 Highway 41 N, Evansville, IN 47725
(812) 867-3100

Limited personal experience with this veterinarian. Dr. Kilbane apparently has a background with guinea pigs and other exotic pets, and was able to accurately diagnose a stone via both xrays and ultrasound. He did state that he had no experience in removing a stone in the urethra in guinea pigs, however, and gave me a referral to an exotics vet in Indianapolis.
Contributed by email: Sef, 3/20/07
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