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Boston Area

Dr.Wendy Emerson
374 Boston Road
Putnam Animal Hospital
Topsfield MA
978 887 3836

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  • mmeadow - 06/13/2014

Angell Animal Medical Center-Boston
350 South Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02130
(617) 522-7282
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Link for Angell's exotics services:

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North Adams (Close to Bennington, VT)

Dr. Michelle Gorbutt (Exotics Surgeon/Vet)

Greylock Animal Hospital
1028 State Road
North Adams, MA 01247

*Hospital Specialises in Exotics and Regular Animals
*Very knowlegable exotics vet that has dealt with many Guinea Pigs.
*They are very knowlegable in the allergies & medications in cavys.
*Only downfall: Sometimes overpriced

Castration (Neuter) Costs around $44 assuming there are no complications. Quick surgery, In and Out and they provide excellent recovery care and support over the phone. Doctors are on call 24/7. Rather good price for this surgery.

Do not bring your cavy to the Animal E.R. Of The Berkshires (pittsfield, MA) if recomended to. They are not affiliated with Greylock and have been known to provide medications that are lethal to cavys!
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Dr. Karen Holmes
Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic
2245 Providence Highway
Walpole, MA 02081
(508) 373-8490

>Updated: I've been going to Dr. Holmes several years, at Windhover. I have not yet been to her new place. But she's knowledgable and very good to work with. I've been through several ovarian cysts, bladder issues, tumors, malocclusion, URIs with her. She's been reasonably priced - at least in the past! - I hope she continues to be so on her own.
Contributed by: PooksiedAnimals - 3/17/2006, 1:08 pm Updated by email, 4/16/2015
Greater Lowell area

Countryside Veterinary Hospital
289 Littleton Rd.
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(978) 256-9555

There are 7 veterinarians at this hospital. The person my guinea pigs have experience with is Dr. Holub. Dr. Holub has had guinea pigs as pets since he was a kid, and during my initial appointment he took the time to go over proper care and basic info. He has been doing guinea pig neuter operations for many years, although only a handful each year. There was an option for Piglet and Pooh Bear to have laser surgery over scalpel, which was more costly but I felt safer. The gas they use to anesthetise was safe for small animals, and they did inject pain medication following the surgery. Pooh Bear got "dissolving" stitches and Pgirl got belly staples. Both healed perfectly without any complications, although the vet's office gave me advice on what to look for in case complications should occur. The hospital carries a number of products including Oxbow food and hay. Their rates are higher than some (expect to pay a $45 initial exam fee), although I don't mind because I trust Dr. Holub et al with my animals, and they have more cavy experience than other local vets I have looked into. They do take emergencies (although are not open 24/7). They have boarding facilities for dogs, cats and exotics.
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Westside Animal Clinic
262 Mill Street
Worcester, MA

Deb Klingenger, DVM

Fairly knowledgeable, piggie friendly vet.
I wanted them treated for mites without a skin scraping. She was hesitant and asked why. I told her that I understook skin scrapings are very painful and often inconclusive. She agreeed with me and went ahead and treated. They also got a thorough check-up, weighed, nails clipped, and Horace's bottom teeth were trimmed. All for a grand total of $45.00.
There were some things I knew that she didn't and vice versa. She seemed willing to listen and learn.
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Dr. Fitzpatrick

Worcester Cat Hospital and Bird Clinic
347 Park Avenue
Worcester, MA 01604
(508) 798-0400

I found this vet to offer appropriate knowledge about guinea pig general care, and offer tests and recommendations consistent with the experiences and recommendations of many knowledgeable people on guinealynx forums. She is definitely a "cavy savvy" vet.
Contributed by: phlumpetta - 07/13/2010

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