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Clarence, New York (near Buffalo)

Dr. Laura Wade
Specialized Care for Avian & Exotic Pets
10882 Main Street
Clarence, NY 14031
I love my veterinarian - Dr. Wade and Dr. Reed are both wonderful with my guinea pigs and they really care about making sure they are well. My vet has personally called me to check on my pigs when they have any illness! Every staff member there is friendly and kind.

Contributed by: HBee 05/2015


Holly Cheever DVM
70 School Rd
Voorheesville, NY 12186

Holly Cheever is nationally known for her work in animal abuse cases. She is a phenomenal guinea pig vet and takes pride in her experience with them, as well as deep affection for them.
Contributed by email: Erin - 9/9/2010
Burnt Hills

Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital
145 Goode Street
Burnt Hills, NY 12027

Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital is staffed by caring and knowledgable people. Dr. Godin is said to be their resident cavy expert and was simply fantastic with our pig, but Dr. Clement also treats cavies. The hospital is state of the art and the doctors are very willing to discuss all signs, symptoms, and possible treatments. For the compassionate service and outstanding knowledge I definitely feel that the cost of treatments and exams to be quite fair. They understand how quickly illness and injuries can take a toll on the pigs and were able to schedule us an appointment on the same day we called. It is very helpful that the hopsital is open until 8pm Monday - Friday. They are also open Saturdays, but Sundays are emergencies only.
Contributed by email: sammianne - 10/1/2009
Long Island

Dr. Monaco
Old COuntry Animal Clinic
669 Old Country Road
516 938-7218
This man is wonderful with pigs, birds, prairie dogs and reptiles. He treated Kirby for mites, URI and does a thorough well piggie check up. He carries Oxbow products and advocates use of CareFresh, fresh timothy hay and lots of attention! At the slightest sign of sickness, your pig will be seen. He knows how fast they can become gravely ill. An added bonus is he takes in animals to board when you go on vacation. I would feel very comfortable leaving my pig with him. His office staff is very helpful.
Contributed by: pax - 10/29/2003, 9:26 pm
Long Island

Dr. Elisabeth Simone-Freilicher Diplomate ABVP
Veterinary Medical Center
75 Sunrise Highway
West Islip, NY 11795
Available 24 hours in an emergency

Dr. Freilicher doesn't see dogs and cats at all, she is an avian and exotic specialist, meaning she only sees parrots, guinea pigs, rabbits, prairie dogs, reptiles, and small rodents. Her office sells the Oxbow line of products and Dr. Freilicher is kind of known around the area as a vet who spends a lot of time with her clients and patients making sure that the care is right at home so that she doesnt see a pet for something that could have been prevented. Dr. Freilicher also has special training in rabbit and rodent dentistry and can take care of any dental problems that might arise with those ever growing teeth. She also makes herself available for emergency care besides having regular office hours and the facility is fully staffed, complete with a veterinarian, round the clock.
Contributed by email: Vickie - 1/22/2007

Dr. Anthony Pilny, DVM, DABVP (Avian)
Avian & Exotic Pet Medicine at:
Lenox Hill Veterinarians

I took Belle to see Dr. Pilny at Animal Medical Center New York [current office location listed above] when she had her weird eye thing going on. He was very thorough, had an excellent bedside manner. Later, when Florence was having her lymph troubles, he was willing to consult at length via email and had we been able to bring her in to see him (no small feat since we live in central NJ and I was working in midtown), he would have fitted her into his schedule. Sadly, we weren't able to do that, but he provided excellent information and advice during her illness.
Contributed by: swannie - 10/14/2004, 8:09 pm -- 2/11/2007 email update of office location from Dr. Pilny
Manhattan (Upper West Side)

Dr. Anthony Pilny
Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine

Opening in December 2004, but in the meantime..."

UPDATE--Dr.Pilny has left the Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine. According to what I could find online from the NYC Bird Club, there is a new vet at Avian & Exotic but they are there only 1 day a week.

Contributed by: momof911kids - 1/12/2007, 7:18 pm

New York City (Upper East Side)

Dr. Anthony Pilny, DVM Dipl ABVP
Avian & Exotic Pet Medicine at Lenox Hill Veterinarians
204 East 76th Street
New York, New York 10021-2932

Dr. Pilny now has his own practice. He has been a great vet with me, very caring and patient. He takes your thoughts to heart and welcomes new information. I have a pig with some complicated health issues and he has continued to work with us.
Contributed by: cavyslave8 - 2/5/2007, 2:11 pm

Sufolk County, Long Island

1) Dr. Brian S. Rose, D.V.M
Dr. Jeffrey S. Rose, D.V.m
Jefferson Animal Hospital
606 Route 112
Port Jefferson, NY
(631) 473-0415

They were recommended to me when I was searching for a new vet. I've been there a couple of times so far. I've met both doctors and they both seem very knowledgeable about cavies. Their staff is extremely nice and helpful. The only bad thing is that they prefer to do anything, except for the initial exam, in a separate room. I had not requested to be allowed to go with him so I don't know if they are flexible with that.

2) Dr. Robin Robbins
Farmingville Animal Hospital
840 Horseblock Road
Farmingville, NY 11738
(631) 698-8000

I initially went there because the place is a 5 minute drive from where I live. They were wonderful with my cat. When I found out they treat cavies, I was thrilled. However, there is only one vet there that treats cavies (the one listed above) and she doesn't have weekend or late evening hours.

When Miss Piggy had an eye infection, she did a wonderful job in treating her. However, she's not nearly as knowledgeable as the other vets recommended above. She also is too quick to put them on antibiotics. When I called her about a scab on Miss Piggy's back, she did not have any hours for a few days due to the fact that is was already Friday and that Monday was Labor Day. She advised that I use the antibiotics that I had used for the eye infection a month prior. Prescribing antibiotics over the phone without an exam made me nervous. I needed to find another vet as I could not wait several days for my Miss Piggy to be looked at and decided that I probably won't go back to her with my piggies anymore if I could find a better vet, even if the drive is much longer (which I did).

PS - Miss Piggy LOVES this vet. She is a much better patient with Dr. Robbins for some reason. Maybe it's a female thing...I don't know.
Contributed by: Wheek Times 3 - 11/3/2003, 10:25 pm

College Point Animal Hospital
14-11 College Point Blvd.
College Point, NY 11356
Voice - 718-321-3202
Fax - 718-321-7969

What I like about Dr. Ryan is that she has a dog, several birds, and two rabbits right in the office with her so you know she loves animals. Also, last month when Spike (my GP) injured his eye, she has a referral service so that she was able to get nearly immediate advice from an exotics specialist in Canada (and it seems from this and other boards that Canadians know a lot more about cavies than we do).
Contributed by: PattiNYC - 7/20/2005, 5:20 pm
NEW YORK - Bedford Hills

Dr. Laurie Hess
Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics
709 Bedford Road
Bedford Hills, New York 10507

Dr. Hess now owns a brand new, state of the art animal hospital in Bedford Hills, New York that treats only birds and exotics pets. Dr. Hess continues to be a fantastic guinea pig vet. Please update your listing so your readers can continue to receive the benefits of Dr. Hess' expertise and compassion. Thanks.
Update by email: Peter M. - 10/18/2010
Central New York area

Cornell University Hospital for Animals
College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6401

Phone: 607-253-3060

Cornell has several great exotics vets. I had particularly good experiences with Dr. Ricardo de Matos, but I would recommend any of them. They've done about everything possible to my pigs: Einstein's tooth trims and twisted ankle, Doom's lump removals and cancer diagnosis and euthanasia, Cuddles's spay, Suzi's spay and re-spay (she had super fall-apart ovaries) and the assorted hernia repairs, suture removals, GI stasis hospitalization and whatnot she required afterwards. I was never disappointed in the quality of service or the bedside manner, as all the doctors explained everything to me.

When you check out, they give you a typed up discharge report that is very handy for filing and future reference. The prices are reasonable, too. When I moved out of Ithaca in 2004, an exam was about $40, a tooth trim for a chronic problem was $27, and most antibiotics were $5-10. They were also very fair if they messed something up. For Suzi's re-spay, I didn't pay anything for the surgery itself, just for hospitalization and related services.

Another nice thing is that they have all the equipment and specialists you can imagine. Since Suzi had so many problems with her first spay, when they re-spayed her, they had a surgical specialist doing the surgery and the exotics vets attending. Then they discharged her on a Saturday, and when I brought her back in the next day for GI stasis, they didn't charge me an emergency fee even though it was Sunday.

They also have fairly cheap ultrasounds and X-rays, as all the machinery is just in-house. If they get a blurry X-ray they retake it at no charge.
Contributed by: salana - 4/11/2007, 9:21 pm

Huntington Station

Dr. Heidi Hoefer
Island Exotics Veterinary Care
Birds & Exotics Pets
591 E Jericho Turnpike
Huntington Station NY
631 424 0300

Dr. Hoefer is a very caring and thorough vet. I have been taking my guinea pigs to her for over 3 years for various ailments and she has always treated them well. Her and her staff are great people and I would highly recommend them.
Contributed by: yikes888 - 9/18/2007, 8:17 am

New York Long Island
Suffolk County

Dr. Heidi L. Hoefner
591 East Jericho Turnpike
Huntington, NY 11746 (631) 424-0300
practice limited to birds & exotic animals

Dr. Hoefner is so nice as is her staff. They really care about the animals, love, hug, and kiss them. She has available hours, even late ones all the way to 8pm some nights. Also she is average prices, not over the top like some other doctors I have been to. Also she does not see cats or dogs which is great because she specializes in small exotic animals (birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles....).
Contributed by: Leb - 10/5/2007, 12:14 pm

Monroe County

Dr. Ember Couture
Cats & Critters
23 Somerton St
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 442-4373

Dr. Couture did a wonderful job neutering one of my pigs. She also surgically removed a cyst and treated my pigs for UTIs with proper doses of bactrim and baytril. She seems very knowledgeable about guinea pigs.

Recommended by: etplante - 11/6/2007

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