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Paul L. Stewart III, DVM
Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic of Roanoke
3959 Electric Road, Suite 155
Roanoke, VA 24018

The Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic of Roanoke is a new full-service hospital for guinea pigs and other exotics.

Dr. Stewart writes, "We see lots of guinea pigs here and provide complete veterinary service and hospitalization for this species. Although we are not open 24 hours a day, we do see a lot of after-hours emergencies referred from the regional emergency veterinary hospitals. Since two of our staff and myself live within just a few minutes of the clinic, late night treatments are common for our patients who need it.

"Surgeries commonly performed on guinea pigs are spays, stone removal/cystotomies, cyst removal, dentistry (incisor, premolar and molar work with occasion extractions), abscess therapy, castration and tumor removal (including mastectomy). We have radiosurgery which is much safer for guinea pigs for most surgical procedures.

"Dental radiography is a big part of the dental evaluation for malocclusion cases as over 50% of cavy dental disease occurs below the gum.

"We do quite a few guinea pig ultrasound studies. I prefer this for looking at female reproductive tracts and liver. It is also good for urinary tract evaluation, including looking for ureter obstructions and bladder masses. We can even image cavy hearts for valvular disease and cardiomyopathy."

Dr Stewart has 14 years experience treating reptiles, birds and other exotic pets, previously at Valley Animal Hospital. He has worked as a zoo consultant in Roanoke for the past 11 years. After-hours on-call emergency service available to birds and exotic pet patients (call main clinic number). Hospitalization and intensive care for ill patients is provided.
Contributed by email: Paul L. Stewart III, DVM - 9/10/2010

Virginia Beach

Dr. Peter Fisher (also Dr. Partlow, Dr. Hulls, and Dr. Fox)
Pet Care Veterinary Hospital
5201 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Dr. Fisher is the primary vet I take my pigs to. He has done 4 cystotomies on 3 of my pigs, a spay, worked with my heart disease pig to get her stablized and on the proper medications, and filed teeth. Dr. Partlow has done 1 cystotomy. Dr. Fox has done a bladder flush. (Dr. Hulls has consulted on some of my pigs but hasn't actually done any procedures on them yet!)

Dr. Fisher especially, but all of these vets are knowledgable about cavies and their specialized needs. I wouldn't hesitate to allow any of them to operate on my pigs. Dr. Fisher truly cares about their health and goes above and beyond to find information for me as to cause of all of the bladder stone issues I've had. While I haven't had any serious teeth issues, Dr. Fisher through filing Zipper's teeth has lead me to believe he has the knowledge and means to treat a variety of teeth issues.

Dr. Fisher is very kind and thoughtful. When Squeaky died after two bladder stone surgeries and a spay he sent me a card stating that a donation to his alma mater, Purdue Vet. Program, had been made in Squeaky's name.

If I feel my pig needs to be seen that day and no appointments are available, they work me in. If I have an emergency all I have to do it call to say I'm on my way and they are ready for me when I get there.

The vet techs and the staff are also knowledgable and kind. I truly can't say enough about this vet hospital.
Contributed by: Cara - 7/6/2003, 12:16 pm
Metropolitan DC Area

Name: David A. Crum, DVM
Address: 111-A Center St., South
City: Vienna, VA 22180

Phone Number: 703-281-3750

I agree with Merrill--Dr. Crum is terrific! He trimmed Teddy's teeth several times and is very knowledgeable. He's even familiar with the Chin-Sling. When Teddy died recently, Dr. Crum called me and sent a nice condolence card.
Contributed by: pig mom - 5/7/2004, 3:45 pm
Virginia Beach

I know Cara already put them on the list, but I wanted to second what great vets they are. I can't say enough either. They are also great with teeth.

Here is a link to their web-site.
Contributed by: jenny - 10/17/2004, 8:57 pm
Metropolitan DC Area

Name: Scott J. Stahl, DVM, DABVP
Address: 111-A Center St., South
Vienna, VA 22180
City: Vienna
Phone Number: 703-281-3750

Personal experience:

He treats only exotics, no dogs or cats. I have never had him preform surgery on my guinea pig, but he put Ruthie under Anesthesia to have her teeth trimmed and did a fabulous job of trimming her teeth and taking care of her.

The technicians are wonderful and extremely nice, as well as knowledgable. The building is very clean and they sell Oxbow Products, such as Cavy Cuisine & Timothy Hay.

He also proscribed some wonderful medicines that worked extremely well, including Baytril and Mechlyzine (I don't think I spelled that correctly) to help with Ruthie's head tilt and ear infection.

He has done a fabulous job treating her and she is getting better and better every day. He is also extremely friendly as well as knowledgable about cavies and has treated several. So I highly reccomend him :)
Contributed by: Merrill - 4/12/2004, 6:25 pm

Purcellville, VA (Loudoun County)

Dr. Valerie Campbell; Dr. Wendy Behm
Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates
120 E. Cornwell Lane
Purcellville, VA. 20132

I've been working with Blue Ridge and specifically Dr. Campbell for over 10 years. She has probably neutered and spayed over 1,000 guinea pigs for our rescue alone, and there are several in the area that use her for guinea pigs and rabbits. She is an excellent surgeon and up-to-date on almost every possible illness that afflicts cavies. I highly recommend her.
Contributed by: Judi L - 08/13/2008

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