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Guinea Lynx currently consists of a care and medical guide, member forums, and these x-file reference pages.

The GLX-Files is the newest approach to finding sound information about guinea pigs.

How will the GLX-Files benefit the site?

The GLX-Files should make finding, adding, and maintaining information easier for Lynx and for participating forum members.

Guinea Lynx Forums has long been an integral part of this site and a source of the collective wisdom of numerous guinea pig caretakers. As the forums grow larger, searches to find information become less precise and require more work from the reader, due to the increasing number of posts a search will generate. GLX-File pages will also include links to useful threads on the forums to make finding information easier, doing some of the "searching" for you.

In addition, the GLX-Files has the advantage of being editable, allowing the quality of advice to benefit from forum member contributions. While some GLX-Files may eventually find a home in the medical and care guide, most will become permanent files.

Adding files will be gradual. In time, we hope to cover a vast array of topics.

Be sure to check out the Guinea Lynx Medical and Care Guide and Guinea Lynx Forums for more information.

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