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West End Animal Hospital
Deborah W. Kemmerer, DMV
They do GP's and also other small animals like ferrets.
They are used by our local GP Rescue and are very good.
15318 W. Newberry Road
Newberry, FL 32669
Contributed by: kokieandPbsMom - 8/20/2004, 9:17 pm

Coral Springs

Broward Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital
Susan Kelleher DVM
1730 N. University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33071

Phone: 954-968-7171 or 954-753-2390
Address update by Emilythegreat - 6/13/2010
[Dr. Schneider] did brilliant work on Amee's spay. Dr. Kelleher is on limited office hours since she's just had a baby (which delayed Mr. Snuggles's neuter by a month).
Contributed by: ChadWPB - 7/30/2004, 1:34 pm
South Florida

Dr. Renata Schneider DVM: Member of AAV, ARAV, AVMA and NWRA.

Exotic Pet Veterinary Services
PO Box 814886, Hollywood, FL, 33021
House Calls for Avian and Exotic Animals
Phone: 954-458-8639

[Dr. Renata Schneider is] another good vet in the South Florida area. She is the one I worked with when Wembly was ill. She is very kind and knowledgeable.
Contributed by email: emilythegreat - 6/13/2010

Kirkman Road Veterinary Clinics. Inc.

John H. Porter
38 South kirkman Rd.
Orlando , Fla. 32811


Hes a memebr of
American Vet. Medical Association
Florida Vet. Medical Association
Central Florida Veterinary Medical Association.
Association of Avian Vets.

Serving Orlando since 1982

Full service Health Care Including :

He Is Dogs Cats Exotics

Is a great listener, and will discuss anything, he spent a lot of time with me, and he did exams on both my boys and only charged one office visit. He clipped nails, checked bums, cleaned ears, teeth, lungs, he checked whole bodies.

Office visit without labs and x-rays, or anesthesia is 38.00
(set price)
Contributed by: kellyjo - 2/18/2005, 2:02 pm
Maitland (Orlando area)

Lake Howell Animal Clinic

Orlando Diaz
856 Lake Howell Road
Maitland, FL 32751


Dr. Diaz was recommended to me by Dr. Porter of Kirkman Road Veterinary Clinic when it became clear that my six-year-old Shakira needed to be spayed. He is an avian/exotics specialist who is well-experienced with surgery. He required a pre-surgery checkup including an x-ray, and spent lots of time with me answering questions about the procedure. Did a wonderful job on the surgery, and now, at only a week after the op, if you didn't see Shakira's tummy you wouldn't know she had a spay at all. She is looking and acting that normal. Exam fee is a bit more pricey than most at $65.00 per office visit, but the top-notch care is worth it. Great vet, and I absolutely recommend him.
Contributed by: Merry - 7/7/2009, 10:33 am
Pembroke Pines
Broward Country

Extra Care Animal Hospital
950 South Flamingo Road
Davie, FL 33325
Tel: 954-370-0203
Dr. Greg Rupp and Sarah Tingle

Contributed by: babydolleyes15 - 12/14/2004, 5:47 pm
[address change since post]
(30 miles north of West Palm Beach)

Dr. Robert Katz, DVM, MS, CVA
Stuart Animal Hospital
3003 SE Federal Highway
Stuart, FL 34994

(772) 287-2242

Dr. Katz really loves treating exotics, he loves the challenge.

He perfectly neutered Randy in November.

He has treated Cervical Lymphadenitis in my male heard (4 boars). He drained Squirrely's abcesses and knew what antibiotic to give him. He treated the other 3 guys, with CL lumps, with oral antibiotics very successfully.

He is very knowledgable about cavies.

Dr. Katz is very open to all and any printed information I bring to him from Guinealynx or other sites.

I would highly recommend Dr. Katz and am very grateful that he is in our community.
Contributed by: Barbara Osborn - 1/10/2005, 12:06 pm

Vanessa Rolfe, DVM
The Bird & Exotic Hospital, Inc.
6147 Lake Worth Rd.
Greenacres, FL 33463
V 561-964-2121
F 561-649-7820

Vanessa sees GP's at her practice and has had a small 'herd' of them herself at one time and has been practicing vet med on exotics (including guinea pigs) since 1991.

Vanessa writes: "Our general focus is on well-pig care and we try as much as possible to have people bring pigs in before problems. I tend to focus on internal medicine as well. Surgery is not performed as much mainly because the majority of people who bring in pigs only when they are sick enough to notice, are generally not anticipating the financial investment that more intensive therapy like surgery entails (unfortunately the pet stores sell pigs as low-maintenance pets that 'never have to see the vet'), so we end up with them declining surgery and wishing palliative care, medical therapy (such as attempts to deal with ovarian cysts with hormones rather than spaying). I have performed several cystotomies, abdominal tumor removals, and several urethral endoscopic procedures trying to track down a stone or bladder/ urethral polyps. We do end up neutering quite a number, and doing a lot of dental procedures due to improper diet (low fiber, low vitamin C).

"The hospital I have been in for the last year just used to be birds so the mammals are only now starting to trickle in. My hospital in Virginia before, used to see several pigs per week as well as a lot of other rodents and lots of rabbits.

"I used to breed pigs as a young veterinary student. I am proud to say I may have been the instigator for Oxbow to create Critical Care, by giving the person who did all the work to put it together, the idea that this product was needed for the small herbivore. We are a proud distributor of Oxbow products."

Contributed by: Vanessa Rolfe 8/23/05
Weston / Broward County

Indian Trace Animal Hospital
1420 North Park Drive
Weston, FL 33326
Phone: 1 (954) 384-7147
Fax: 1 (954) 384-7317

For After Hours Emergency Care
Call (954) 450-7732 or (954) 920-3556 or (954) 962-0300.

Dr. Greg Rupp, D.V.M.
(Mrs. Penny Kupferberg, D.V.M. if Dr. Rupp is not in town)
Website for Indian Trace Animal Hospital/ SOUTH FLORIDA is:
Contributed by: babydolleyes15 - 7/30/2004, 1:22 pm
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