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Post   » Fri Jun 11, 2004 12:14 am

I received a call today from a young lady looking to adopt a bonded pair of pigs. Same sex of course or with one altered. She is in Monroe, NC. She would perfer sort haired, but doesn't care if its 2 boars or sows. Just as long as the pigs get along with each other. Age is not a factor to her she says but would perfer not to get seniors.

She has an inside rabbit that is in a C&C Cage type cage. I think she called it a dwarf rabbit. So she is willing to build a suitable sized seperate cage from the rabbit for the pigs. She also already buys timmy hay and I sent her the link for KM and she also buys veggies.

She seemed to have been doing her homework,because she asked questions about Vit. C intake and what was the best way for pigs to get it. She also wanted to make sure kiln dried pine with fine for the pigs. And numerous other questions.
If you are closer to her than me, I'm about 4+ hours. And would like to get her info. Please email me. She is willing to drive 2 hours in any direction to meet you and adopt. She seemed like she would be a great pig slave.

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