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Depending on your area, once the word gets out that you are taking in pigs you probably won't have time to look at your ads. I do get several ads forwarded to me mostly by people who are concerned when they see "Free Guinea Pig" ads. I generally contact the person posting the ad to let them know why it isn't a good idea to give the pet away for free. I also offer to give them advice if they are interested and for them to offer my phone number to the new family they find. Most people respond horrified to think that someone might use a guinea pig as snake food and hadn't even thought of that and are very thankful for additional info to pass along to the new owners. I do not offer to take them in when they are willing to find a new family on their own.

Our local Animal Control facility does not deal with small animals and our local Humane Society claims that they don't kill any small animals. For some reason after all their years in the valley, people don't surrender very many small animals to them. I think they are full of bull and don't believe it. (They have been known to lie about their stats in the past as well), but at this point, we don't have a relationship with them to pull guinea pigs, because they claim they won't run out of time.

Every community is different and you will probably have to meet with the executive directors of your local facilities to find out what their policies are and what you would need to do to qualify as an outlet for guinea pigs. Once you have established yourself as a responsible rescue, they will generally waive the fees for you in order to keep the animals alive.

If you just go in and tell some volunteer that you are there to save the guinea pigs, they will probably laugh at you, yet let you adopt them all for the regular adoption fee. :-)

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