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Post   » Wed Jun 30, 2004 9:58 pm

now have two piggies, that unfortunatly need homes! and a bunny two. but any way they are two abyssinan males, and they are my babies! one is all black and one is brown and orange. their names are fudge and guinness. i had someone who would take the piggies or something but that fell through and now my mom wants them to go to the humane society! i really dont want that to happen so we are willing to drive up to three hours from st.catharines if you take both piggies. there is also teh bunny, who was abused before we got him, and we have come really far with him and i dont want him to go to someone in the humane society who doesnt understand what he has gone through and surrender him because he is a little grouchy sometimes and not a lap rabbit. there is an outside hutch that he comes with too because of how much he loves it, and if you arent too far away we can bring it over, but it is kinda big. i dont want to charge much for this so all i will charge is if you take a cage that i paid for vs. one i got free, then i will charge a little but please please please if you have room in your heart and in your home please email me @ candyhotts@hotmail.com because this is getting urgent! im really having trouble finding homes for them and they are so sweet they dont deserve this!

okay here is the info about guinness, this story is sad they have a petting zoo thing by my house i guess, and they give away all the bunnies and cavies that the accumulate during the year when it is winter so they dont have to stay outside in the cold. well this one i guess got forgotten so guinness stayed in the cold until the end of november without food or water, and my boss at the kennel well she knows the person who runs it and she knows that i have some cavies and that i try and rescue them and find them good homes after they are healthy. well she called me to come and get him because the people who had him knew nothing about cavies, they had him on a wire floor and they were feeding him nothing but iceberg lettuce, and he was in rough shape his feet were split and his teeth were too long, so i finally have him back up to health, but now my parents have decided that we need to find a home for him, because we are moving soon and the most pets we can have is my dogs and two cages, or four cavies, so i need to find a home for him because i do not want him to go to the humane society. please if you have room in your heart and your home contatct me. he is a sweet heart, he is always talking to you and he is so affectionate. so yes he is really loving and he loves to chat with you, if you scratch/rub his back he wheeks and its the cutest sound. fudge on the other hand is not so loving. i end up taking the piggies that no one wants, and put them through my own little "rehab" lol but yes he was neglected before and he will not bite now, but he still needs a lot of love as he is really scared and dislikes being picked up but once you have him in your arms he doesnt mind so much. please these are my babies and i need to find loving understanding homes for them, where they will continue to improve and where they will always be cared for. if you have room in your heart and your home please email me ASAP, as time is running out and i feel so helpless!

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Post   » Wed Jun 30, 2004 10:33 pm


Okay, sorry. I hope you can find homes for them.


Post   » Thu Jul 01, 2004 12:46 pm

i hope so too! they are so cute, i really hope they find a home soon.

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Post   » Thu Jul 01, 2004 7:25 pm

Use capitols where appropriate, it is difficult to read your post.


Post   » Thu Jul 01, 2004 10:41 pm

sorry :(

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