73 guinea pigs at Maine shelter

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Post   » Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:34 pm

73 guinea pigs were recently taken from their owner and are at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, ME. They are desperate for supplies and homes.


Post   » Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:07 pm

Some of the guinea pigs were moved today to another Maine shelter where I work and volunteer. A shelter in New Hampshire and a small animal rescue in Maine will also be taking some in.

My understanding is that the original shelter is keeping most of the pregnancy watch girls. Any help you could give them would be most appreciated.

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Post   » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:03 pm

They are fully tax-deductible, if that is of benefit to anyone considering donating.

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Post   » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:57 pm

Had passed this info along to a friend who works with piggies at a MA shelter. As well, he has posted on cavymadness. One of my clients who works with Mainely Rat Rescue had requested my help, but am glad you got here to post this first. Crossing fingers they will each be in good hands very soon...they are all so precious!
Here is a video ~ http://wgme.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/kennebunk- ... .VOkbJ_nF-_D

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Post   » Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:11 pm

Diva so glad some made their way to you. I know they're in good hands at your shelter!


Post   » Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:56 pm


MRR took in 9. I have a cute little boy who would fit in well with your boys...just sayin'

Two of the seven that went to the ARL have already been adopted!

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Post   » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:37 pm


Post   » Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:40 pm

It started out with only 5 piggies.

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Post   » Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:39 pm

Oh, my. The sounds of all those pigs. Hope they all find good homes, they are adorable.


Post   » Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:53 pm

Bless their caretakers.

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Post   » Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:01 pm

Thanks for posting links to donation sites!


Post   » Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:38 pm

Does anyone know the age requirements for a volunteer?


Post   » Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:33 pm

It depends on the shelter.

For the Animal Welfare Society http://animalwelfaresociety.org/support-us/volunteer/ where most of the guinea pigs are:

For the Animal Refuge League:


As of today, AWS has adopted out 15 guinea pigs. Twenty of the female guinea pigs were sent to the New Hampshire SPCA and are on maternity watch. The ARL received 7 and has adopted out three. Mainely Rat Rescue has taken in 9 who are all in guinea pig savvy foster homes.

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Post   » Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:56 pm

Do you have any information for the New Hampsire SPCA if anyone can help them out, too?

Is it these folks?



Post   » Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:14 pm


Yes it is.

They have always been helpful when either the AWS or ARL is overwhelmed with small animals. Great group of people.

One more of the piggies at the ARL was adopted today!


Post   » Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:12 pm

Just to update everyone.

The original 73 (and all the resulting babies) have now been adopted. The last two were adopted into their forever home this weekend.

Thanks to any of you who were able to provide any support (even if only good thoughts)!

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Post   » Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:50 pm

Thanks for the update! It is marvelous they all found homes!

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Post   » Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:40 am

That is wonderful. When I saw this my first thought was "oh, no!"

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Post   » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:27 pm

Diva, thank you very much for the update. That's wonderful news.


Post   » Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:35 pm

I am so glad that they all found homes. I felt so bad because I wanted to adopt one but couldn't.

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