Rehoming needed for 3 pigs in Northwest Indiana

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Post   » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:51 pm

Hi everyone, I'm going to be leaving for college in January and i'll be unable to take my babies with me so I'm starting early on looking for a good home for them so I thought here might be better than most other sites.

I really would like them all to stay together but I require that at least the oldest 2 stay together as they have a stronger bond than the baby has with either of them yet. They are all young, I've had bubbles for a little over a year and then buttercup around a year. The youngest is blossom whom was only a baby when I got her in January. Yes i named them after the power puff girls haha. Buttercup and Blossom were both bought from petstores as I still didn't know how terrible petstores were to their animals but I have been educated on it so please don't yell at me about it. The oldest, bubbles came from a rescue and I'm not sure how old she was but my guess is she was around 8 months when I got her so shes almost 2. She does have a birth deft to where she has an extra toe on one of her feet, i took her to see someone about it and they told me it would be okay to just leave alone.

Bubbles is extremely reserved and doesn't like to do much so shes a little overweight but shes such a sweetheart. (She is petrified of getting her nails clipped, so you have to be really careful. I've come to the conclusion someone must have accidentally cut too much before and scarred nail cutting for her.)

Buttercup is my dominate one so she can sometimes be a bully to the other 2 but she loves being held and pet the most. She is the most people friendly of the bunch and will likely be the first of them to gain your trust. The other two follow her lead.

Blossom is the baby, she is only about a year old and she's the most curious. If you are patient and put your hand in the cage she'll come up to see what you are pretty quick, she's a big fan of nibbling on fingers but never too hard. Just a "hello are you food" kinda thing. Her and buttercup seem to butt heads sometimes but as long as they both have enough space then they're just fine. Sometimes when i'm cleaning their cage i'll put them all temporarily in a smaller cage i had from when i was still introducing them, but when they're in the smaller cage they buttercup and blossom don't get along as well.

I currently use a c&c cage which is 5 grids long and 2 grids wide. I think each grid is a little over a foot. If needed, you could take the c&c cage with them but it's not the fanciest as I cut the cloroplast myself haha. But it used to have a loft but they were all scared of it so I eventually just took it out.

Please help me find a good home for them, they are so used to being spoiled I could never let them go to be mistreated. I'm going to ask a 50 dollar rehoming fee for the three of them and a promise that you'll take care and love them like they deserve. If you also would like the c&c cage then another 30 dollars but I will not sell the c&c cage separately as my sister could use it to build a bigger house for her rabbits if it is not needed.

I feed them veggies twice a day normally. Once in the morning, pellets in the afternoon, and then more veggies at night.

It's going to break my heart to let them go, but I'm going to be staying in a dorm and I can't trust my family to take care of them like they deserve while i'm away.

(Shes still just a baby in this picture aww)
All of them together<3

I'm not looking to find them a new home until at least after the summer but I need to have one before the new year because that's when I'll be moving. Please help me find a good home.


Post   » Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:21 pm

Awe so cute I hope you find someone that can take them all together good luck to you and your babies. So sorry you can't keep them and take them with you :( but you found a good site and everyone here treat their piggies like they're their children.

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Post   » Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:56 pm

Contact Critter Corral rescue also and see if they have any tips, tricks or suggestions for you.

Some rescues can courtesy-list for you. Not all can or do; I don't know about CC, but it's worth an email.

You are VERY wise to start looking early. Be careful and screen potential adopters very carefully.

Good luck to them and to you.

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Post   » Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:51 pm

You might also try Heartland Small Animal Rescue in South Bend:

We adopted our Herschel from them a few years ago (EARPs helped with the transport), but I don't know who's running it now. They don't specialize in guinea pigs, but they routinely have guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets available for adoption.

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