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Hi, I'm located in the Bay Area, California. I'm looking to foster a guinea pig, my last and little boar is 6 and ahalf, blind, one upper incisor but very healthy. He needs a buddy, a sow who is sweet, socialized, healthy and not a food monger is desired, since he is a slow eater and 50 percent of the time gets syringe or hand fed. We don't have a lot of active reputable rescues near me and I was hoping to find someone who either is overwhelmed and needs a break for 3 to 6 months or some similar story. The parent would need to be responsible for any vet bills as my piggy has tooth issues and sees our best exotics specialist vet around every two weeks. I have a lot of cavy experience. I have a 2 x 7 cage, feed orchard and 3rd cut Timothy from kms hayloft and their pellets. My cage is cleaned 6 days a week and he gets out in a run 6 days a week. He gets seedless cucumber and all organic carrot, red leaf, wheatgrass,Italian parsley and one organic blueberry as well as filtered water. Thanks soo much, Lara and Romeo Berthiaume

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Good luck on your search!


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Thanks soo much Lynx, appreciate that.
L and R


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Hello all, just an update, I've decided I'm open to adopting if its a good fit.
Thanks soo much,
Lara and Romeo berthiaume


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I just checked Cavy House but they do not have any adoptables at present.

I poached this list of suggestions from their site though in case it helps. I hope they dont mind.

1)Heather at the Rabbit Haven (Cavy Haven ) 831 239-7119

2)Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose (features rescued critters only)

3)Friendly Farm Sanctuary in Salinas

4)Humane Society of Silicon Valley adoption outposts

5)Palo Alto Animal Services

6)San Jose Animal Care and Control

7)Santa Cruz County Animal Services

8)San Francisco Animal Care and Control

9)Los Angeles Guinea PIg Rescue is involved (Oct.2017) in a rescue of 700+ guinea pigs so will have many looking for homes soon

10) Marin Humane Society (does a great job with their piggies)

11) www.petfinder.com


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Thanks soo much, you are very kind to help. I have sent out my inquiries to those places, still looking around for other reputable sources.
Thank you again, very much appreciated ♥️


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2. I'm hesitant to go with animal control facilities unless recommended. I'm not familiar with their practices.
Thanks soo much
Lara and Romeo aka chooch


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Another Bay Area one is CavySpirit, if you haven't tried them yet.

I am afraid I dont have any direct experience of any of the organizations listed but I dont think Cavy House would have listed them if they weren't reputable. I know they used to take 11th hour adoptions from the shelters for those piggies who were facing euthanasia but i am not sure whether they are still active.

We got one of our girls from the Pet Store on Judah and 30th. I know it is a pet store but it isn't a chain pet store. They sometimes have "adoptions" there but I think it is more where owners surrender piggies they bought from them, they had some in there a while back surrendered due to a family member's allergies.


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Thank you soo much 😍


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Happy to help a fellow Bay Area Piggy Slave. ;)

Here is a link for CavySpirit

Just curious but which vet do you take your boy to?


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Only the best.. Curt Nakamura, Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Gatos. And he is the best. I do hear wildwood in San Jose is good, cote at Adobe Los altos and I hear all pets in sf is good. ♥️


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2. And Sue Mac Innes, (sp), in Half Moon Bay.


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OK Thanks. We use Bay Area Bird Hospital, as they were on the recommended list on here, but have had mixed results and they are pretty expensive (to be expected in SF I guess). Los Gatos may be a bit far for us but I will bear All Pets in mind if we decide we need to change.

And got the T-shirt

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Cavyspirit isn't running a rescue any more.


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I would definitely have included Cavy Spirit if they were still rescuing.


Post   » Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:25 pm

Ok, it's all a learning curve. Here is my revised "add", if the cavy angels sees fit to pass it along.
Thanks soo much everyone again.
Lara and Romeo aka Chooch
Possibly wanting to foster (or adopt) a cavy (redwood city)

Possibly wanting to foster or adopt a guinea pig. I'm looking for a good fit, so please read all this add. Are you a guinea pig lover? Have knowledge of guinea pigs but need a break? I'm looking for a SERIOUS owner who is in a situation to match mine. I have a 6 and a half healthy, neutered boar guinea pig who just lost his two buddies due to old age. He is totally blind, sensitive by nature, upbeat and has only one incisor left so is a slow eater. I have owned 6 guinea pigs and have a strong knowledge of guinea pigs. I'm looking for a sow (female) guinea pig to foster or adopt, to keep my senior guinea company, this probably means 3 to 6 months if I foster. I am looking for a sweet, healthy, socialized guinea pig who is not a food monger since he has tooth issues. I prefer a slightly older guinea I would hope your piggy has a recent clean bill of health from a good vet. What your piggy gets... a lot of attention and care. I spend a lot of time with my piggy. He lives in a 2 x 7 cage, gets out in a run 6 days a week, gets his cage cleaned 6 days a week and gets all organic carrots, filtered water, wheatgrass, red leaf lettuce, one blueberry, Italian parsley and non organic seedless cucumber as well as orchard grass hay and kms Timothy hay and pellets. So, I'm looking for a SERIOUS cavy lover who may need what I'm offering. There aren't active rescues near me. I'm open to discussing adopting if it's a good fit. I'm located 35 minutes from Redwood City in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley, California. 
Thanks soo much,


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2. And it would be nice if there was a pairing process option.
Thanks again everyone.
L and R

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I'll vouch for the excellent care that any piggy will get that goes to live with Wenton5! Top notch diet, lots of floor time etc.


Post   » Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:06 pm

Thanks soo much Cavy House 😊

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