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Post   » Wed Mar 03, 2004 8:53 pm

Hi, I am new to guinea lynx and pretty new to GP's to. We've only had two of them since last June, and two since Christmas. I actually bought our first "Maddie" from a pet store...No rescues in small town Nebraska that "do" pigs. In fact, my vet said that we are the only people in his practice that bring guinea pigs in at all!
The only other two small animal vets in the area do not have "piggy" patients either. I KNOW that I am not the only piggy owner in Grand Island! Anyway, I got Maddie for my daughter, but I feel instantly in love with her! It took me no time to say yes when a neighbor who was moving to Fla. wanted to leave his pig with me. So we got Buster. What I also got was a lot of misinformation about guinea pigs, so they got lots of love, to small of cages, not enough fresh vegies, and not enough lap time. I was also told by an "expert" (not my vet) that Maddie could not get pregnant till she was a year old. I waited to late to get my Buster fixed. Hence we have "Christmas" and "Merry"

I am in love, and thanks to the internet now am more Cavy Savy.
We have a large cage, Buster and Merry (a male) are roomies and get along super. Merry will be fixed in April, and then they can all live together without the divider. Maddie and Christmas live together, but Buster and Maddie are always at the fence divider nosing eachother. Best pals.

I can't believe how much these little animals have come to mean to me! I have never been a huge pet person. I have a cat, "Butterscotch" who we adopted from our local shelter. I couldnt believe someone would dump him off. He is a beautiful white, and "butterscotch" color and the vet says a himalyan blend of some sort with blue eyes. He is scared of the piggers! He licked Buster once when they were both doing lap time, but I wasn't so sure he wasn't "tasting" them so I always keep an eye on him.

I love the pics of everyones pigs. Aren't they just the cutest animals? Those little mouths are so cute! I love to kiss them behinde the ears! I love the little sounds they make, the wheeking, and rumbling, and purring. Since I am 42 years old, my friends all think I'm nuts! I don't care. I'm going to get some GP fabric and make myself a cap. (I work in an O.R.). Just to drive them nuts. No one thinks dog people are crazy...!

I will enjoy reading every ones stories. I have gotten tons of info here and on Cavy Maddness. Thanks to everyone who shares! FInally a place where we are all cavy crazy together!

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Post   » Wed Mar 03, 2004 10:33 pm

Yes, the sounds are great -- and they are very easy to fall for. I hope you'll add stories and more descriptions of your pets.

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Post   » Thu Mar 04, 2004 4:23 pm

I really love it everytime someone learns that guinea pigs are not just for kids. I find they have an amazing amount of personality packed into their little bodies.

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