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Post   » Mon Jun 28, 2004 5:21 pm

When I was a little girl my only wish was to have someone who cared enough about me to accept me for who and what I was, someone who wouldn't look at my chubby frame and homely features and have the time of their lives making my life miserable first. The neighborhood kids, classmates at school, my family--they all took their shots, which made my life a living hell and started me on a long road to depression by the time I hit kindergarten. I was also highly allergic to everything in sight and very prone to getting sick at the drop of a hat, which didn't improve my popularity with people one bit. When I was in grade school, my life finally started to change when I was 'allowed' to have my first dog---I was starting to outgrow my allergies, but not the taunts and teasing that came with it. As a little girl I needed something to hold and cuddle and help dry all those thousands of tears that would run down my face and my energetic Jack Russel mix puppy was just not the type. I tried sneaking hamsters into my life, a pair that I had intented to call Bonnie and Clyde--until my mother threatened to toss them out with the trash as soon as I left for school. She caved in with my dad's help and I was allowed to keep Clyde until he passed away a couple years later. Patches lived until the day after her 16th birthday before she and I were forced to say good-bye. I got married soon afterwards and aquired another dog, a yellow lab we named Popcorn Katie, who lived until she was 11 and cancer took her from us. All this time I could never understand why my heart still had that empty spot in it that nothing seemed to be able to fill. Until I met my first pig-- QUEEN OF THE MASSES--Susy Taco. What a shot in the arm she was! An Abby-- brown, white and a little gold to her, and masses of hair! Such an attitude! If she didn't feel like jumping through anybody's hoop her teeth were right there to let us know it! But you know, that little flower of mine opened my heart to the most wonderful beginning that I have ever had the chance to experience! At last! I had my soul mate, my best friend, my crying towel if needed. She would sit with me for hours and tell me all about the way I needed to be running this place and exactly what she felt that her royal highness needed on her menu list- PRONTO! She became the Queen Mum of my entire crew---bossy as ever, the first to ring the dinner bell when food was about to arrive and trying to make sure that everybody knew just how she was going to hold her kingdom together! Her favorite playtime with me was to climb up my arm from where we were sitting on the couch and jump onto the topmost back of it and just strut---from one end of the couch to the other, then climb back down into my lap so she could relieve herself on her pee-pee towel and leave a couple poos, then up my arm to the back of the couch again she would go, chit-chatting all the way. My dear queen lived for around 7 years until one day when I brought her and her next litter sister Gypsy their breakfast and discovered that she had left us during the night. I can't tell you what that did to me, but my sadness was softened by the rest of the herd that came after her. I've had many piggies in my life since Susy, and thanks to Vicki of Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue, some of them have been either adoptees or rescues. I've learned so much from Vicki and these furry footballs of mine--including how to care back!
Thanks to all of you 'piggy people'---best friends that I have yet to meet!


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Nice story there.

I am glad the pigs came into your life to fill that "hole."

I had the honor of seeing a picture your husband Dave (that's his name, right?) showed me of Ms. Taco. I thought your pig names were so hillarious like "Marble Cake" that I had you and Dave help me to dream up "Marlena Lolita" ha ha for the new pig I adopted from Allysse.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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Post   » Fri Jul 02, 2004 11:29 am

Deb that is such a wonderful story it's very similar to my own life, I to have found a sole mate in my Clint and after losing a few this past year and now replacing them with more, it gives me such a feeling of love and joy to have these little guy's and gal's around! Thanks for sharing!

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