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Post   » Tue Mar 15, 2005 8:42 pm

well, I got Patch out of "Pet's at home" around 5mths ago, yes I know about poor health conditions of shop bought guinea pigs, from other people, but I couldn't resist my choice of ball of fluff, I don't know of breed of guinea pig that Patch is, but there you go, He is the first pet I've ever chose.

If I can, I'm having some diffaculty in putting an image of patch at the moment (excuse the spelling it's 1am (uk time) and I will send a photo of patch at a later date, once Im able to do so, and if the dratted computer let's me do anything.

Is he cute? yes: cuddly? erm only when he behaves he get's lots of cuddles; have I dropped him? oh yeah, he is a daredevil, no fear from Patch at all; is Patch sociable with other guinea pigs? well we have our moments, but so so with Billy and hates Ben (mum's gp's) with a vengence! (Patch got some really nasty bite on the nose from Ben, and it went septic, Patch is now fighting fit, ready to give Ben a right headbutting session) Ben leaves a right nasty infected bite, I've had several bites from Ben, (I know how Patch feels); Patch's fave food/s - mix of fresh fruit and veggies and gp mix (dried stuff, only two shops in my city do really good gp mixes, IMOO) Patch's can be very fussy, and spinich and carrots and he loves bananas, (he gets a very tiny bit, once a week) funny he likes some varities of lettace, Rocket is the one that he spits right back at your face. However I can't eat tomatoes, but I will once in a blue moon, will buy cherry tomatoes just for patch, he devours them so quickly. I love the wee boy, even though we thought for a while he was a girl ( half boy/girl?? yes, even the vet nurse thought so too) Patch is showing his masculine side more in the last month, so I'm still taking my time getting to know him, before debating if it's a good thing to castrate Patch if his aggressive side continues? or just perservere with him a bit longer, this gp get's well spoiled, I go out to the woods and have plenty of natural forestry for him to chew (fir trees/ fruit trees etc..) this website's helped me into the pro's and cons into gp ownership.
Patch's mummy

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