Tribute to Monty G

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Post   » Thu May 19, 2005 7:08 pm

"And it was in the early spring, when flowers bloom and robins sing
she went away."
Bobby Goldsboro

"There's been a new development with Montgomery...
while we were positioning her for her X-Ray, she stopped breathing... we're trying to resuscitate her at the moment."

This grim news was delivered, on Monday, May 16, 2005 while we sat in a trancelike state trying to absorb our new reality...our sweet, adorable, innocent little orange piggy had gasped her last breath at age 4.

We remember when we first saw you, the more timid, of your siblings. The mischievous gleam in those pinkish red eyes endeared us from the start and we were hooked. We called you Montgomery, thinking you were a boy only to find out later you were a girl. We decided to keep the name anyway but more often referred to you affectionately by your nickname "Bubby'".

We remember bringing you home and setting you down in your cage, so paralyzed with fear that you didn't move until we left the room. Mommy left a piece of lettuce for you in the morning and noticed it was gone by evening indicating you were making the transition to your new surroundings.

We remember how you used to love running around during the first two years of your life, intent on impressing us with your speed and agility by running in circles and figure eights through the furniture, returning to us again and again for approval. You were such a little show off and loved to be egged on when we called you "speedy gonzales". We remember those few special occasions when you were so worked up with joy you did your "sausage roll" with your little body rolling a full 360 at lightening speed with your little hind legs flailing in the air.

We remember how you used to cuddle up on our chest, squeak softly, rumble and purr when you were stroked, and curl up under our chin while we lay on the couch.

We remember how you'd wheek so loud at dinner time that it could be heard throughout the entire you loved your Cavvy Cuisine, your Timothy Hay and the greens and carrots that were your favorite. Gosh how your eyes would bug out while chewing on your greens sounding like a little buzz saw.

We remember how we fought to keep you alive, from the cancer in your toe,which needed to be amputated at the tender age of 10 months, through the biopsies, aspirations and lump removal, to the chronic ear infection which almost claimed you're
life at two. You were the focus of our lives as we nursed you back from the brink, forcing you to eat and drink (how you loved that Critical Care), medicating you through complication after
complication that resulted from that stubborn ear infection. Unfortunately, it persisted, and we were only able to manage it with a daily application of Baytril antibiotic which provided you with a decent quality of life for another two years.

Throughout it all you never complained, accepting our administrations, somehow knowing we had your best interests at heart.

We remember how you became a solace for us during some hard
personal times of our own. You seemed to sense our pain and
and would provide comfort with your abundant affection and snuggles. You helped us get through that and we thank you.

We remember how much you loved the cottage, how much you loved to lie in the sun up there and how you'd puff up like a little sea urchin when you were cold before you climbed into our bathrobes for warmth. You loved your favorite cedar bush so much that we thought nothing of driving the 5 hour return trip Monday evening to bury you there, where the sun can warm
your little body and you can hear the waves lap against the shore. Putting you into the ground with your cloudy unseeing eyes was one of the hardest things we ever had to do.

We much more...but now all we have are memories.

We hope you're popping in a field of hay and celery leaves and anticipate the day you come to greet us when we're finally ready to make the transition to the other side.

Rest in peace Bubby, we miss you terribly, we're so proud of you
and will never forget you.

Love, Mummy and Daddy.

We would like to thank all of the good folks on Lynx for the advice, support and encouragement we received from you through Montgomery's years of convalesence. Pinta and Lynx and the rest of you, your advice and suggestions were always helpful, useful, and safe haven in a storm whenever we needed it. It's nice to have a place to go to where folks understand and empathize with your situation. Keep up the good work, it's really appreciated.

Frank & Andrea

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Post   » Thu May 19, 2005 8:32 pm

That is a great tribute to a great piggie! It's always heartwarming to read about when a guinea pig is so loved as yours was. So many people have them as pets for their children and don't even realize what the capability of that species is. The love and affection they can give and the way they show how smart they are can very endearing. Bubby sure made her way into your hearts.

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It started with Louie...

Post   » Thu May 19, 2005 9:47 pm

It was written so beautifully that I feel like I knew your guinea pig, too. What a lovely tribute.

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Post   » Thu May 19, 2005 10:27 pm

Snif. He sounds like he was a wonderful pig -- and so well-loved.

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Barbara Osborn
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Post   » Wed Jun 22, 2005 4:11 pm

"and how you'd puff up like a little sea urchin " ...I can just visualize that.

A sweet recollection of Bubby. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Sleep well Bubby.

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