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Post   » Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:25 pm

I've had many guinea pigs in my life so far. But Miso is one piggie that really stands out in my mind and heart.

I first spotted him at a *eek* pet store when he was only a wee one. He was so cute. He was a black Abysinian with tan blotches. But I didn't get him right away. I wasn't sure if I was ready for another piggie because I had just lost Blush (another amazing pig), whom died of old age. A couple days past, and I couldn't get this piggie out of my mind, he was just so cute! So I went back to the pet store and to my horror, I couldn't find him anywhere? I was frantically looking in all the aquariums, flipping over igloos, pushing past other fur balls to no avail.

I finally decided to ask the store keeper about the cute black piggie with tan....and where HE WENT?

"Erm, excuse me" I asked. The store keeper looked up at me and replied, "Can I help you Miss?"

Clenching my hands together, "Uhm, yes, there was a black and tan guinea pig here before...."

I paused what seemed like forever because I was so afraid of the answer to my question, but I continued, "Did someone take him already?"

The store keeper smiled at me and happily told me, "Ahh, I know which one you're talking about..." And like music to my ears, he said, "He's at birthday party right now and he should be back."

First I was so happy! Then I was puzzled by this whole birthday party thing. I mean, the piggie is probably only 2 months old....and he's already being invited to birthday parties? Apparently, it was his second party. I guess the store keeper sensed my confusion, and he felt the need to expain, "Well, the birthday parties are for kids, and some of the animals go to these parties like an animal show." Yeah, I thought, more like, you'd like to sell more of your animals type of show.

Well, the piggie arrived back to the store and I immediately took him. He needed a good home, and I was willing to provide it. I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

The next few months involved constant biting on the cage at all hours, constant wheeking at all hours, and constant flipping of the food bowl accompanied by a series of "clunks" , you guessed it, at all hours.

Miso has been kicked out my room a couple times at night (you know, it's 2am and he's still biting on his cage). Miso's had a few stuffed toys land on the top of his cage at night to make him stop biting on the bars. Doesn't work.

But payback sure is a b-----. Miso got back at me during one of his nail trimming sessions. His nails are black and you can't see the quick of his nails, so I was scared to cut them on my own. Instead, my sister and I brought him to the vet. The long and short of it...my sister and I both came out with our right palm bandaged from war wounds that our piggie inflicted on us during the clipping. We wear gloves now.

Miso is still alive and kicking and wheeking and biting on his bars....yup....at all hours of the night. And I hope to continue to hear all that kicking and wheeking and biting on his bars at all hours of the night for a long time to come.

*Miso is close to 4 years old now*

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