Story of my pigs and I.

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Scooters Pet

Post   » Sun Dec 22, 2002 12:10 am

Just thought I'd share how and why I got my pigs and how we all help each other.

Well almost 3 years ago(monday is 3 yrs)I was in a very bad state.I was going though a VERY tough time in high school,I felt as though no one loved me.I was also going though LOTS of surgeries for my cleft lip and palate and plainly was getting bullied everyday due to it.I was at the point in my life were I wondered if living was worth it.
I then decided I needed a pet of my own.Something that would love me no matter what I looked like or who I was.So I BEGGED my mom for a rabbit.But as a child we had one but it peed on our cat when he hit sexual maturity so my mom was NEVER letting me have a rabbit.She realised that is all I wanted for christmas,all I wanted was a pet of my own bigger then a hamster.So she went looking at the pet store,seen guinea pigs thought they'd be okay and put an hold on one for me til the 23rd of december.She bought what the pet store told her she needed, wrapped the things and put them under the tree.That year all I got was a guinea pig and things for her and one present fo rmyself which was what I call my anger book.I wrote what I felt in it.I didn't mind ONE bit I was so so happy.
So here I had a baby pig( I know now she was FULL grown),Dizzy,who was an abby mix(or so we were told) she was blond with a white swirl on her head.She loved me no matter what.She loved to talk a mile a minute to me,would listen when I needed to rant and plainly she made me WANT to live for her.Made me feel someone needed me.I had her love for 1 year 1 month and 21 days.Well during that time my mom bought me Scooter(in the summer)to keep Dizzy company while I was in school.I wanted a boy at that time ,to have babies.I never knew better then.Luckly Dizzy wanted NOTHING to do with Scooter unless it was to talk from separate cages.
They lived on iceberg lettuce,carrots,and cucumber for the first yr for Dizzy and 2 yrs for Scooter.They got that food with the colored stuff in it,they got the treats that have seeds in it and NEVER had floor time,all what the store said to do and what they needed.They always had cuddle time though but still they seemed not happy.I tried everything to make them happy but sadly my Dizzy died and Scooter went into depression right away.I cried and cried all night while I scrubbed her cage clean,swearing I was NEVER getting anymore due to hurt to much when they died.But my mom told my dad to go buy me another one.So he went to the pet store and said"Female,guinea pig,baby"since he knew I wanted to witness the birth of baby pigs.So I woke up after only 2 hrs sleep(I had FINALLY went to sleep and my dad woke me up,boy was I MAD)and there was Peepers in my Dizzy's cage.I flipped,I was so happy,I was surprised that I wasn't upset.For the first week I kept bugging and bugging her so now even to this day she doesn't like to be held.I still feel guilty for that.She still has only purred once in her life,and that was only when we almost lost her due to heat stroke and we put her on top of a ice pack and she loved it.
Then we found these sites in Feb of this year and realised what we were doing VERY wrong.So by april they had C&C cages and proper veggies every day instead of once in awhile.
Late march I was FINALLY able to convince my mom they needed friends since I was working and they hardly got attention any more.Due to I was way to busy but I still found an hr a day but they were used to 5 hrs.
So my mom surprised me at work with a ALL white pig who I named Goobber(we though she was he and we still didn't know everything,still learning)about a month later we came here to this site and I was told I had a Lethal white and boy was I scared.I thought here is a pig who is going to break my heart once again because I'll have to put her down or she'll die.Around this time we also got another pig that was named Iggy from a woman in town who breeds them as a hobby(NEVER again).So over the next couple of months I was happy.
I was bringing my Goobber to the vets once a month to get her teeth grinded,her kidneys watched and learning of other things wrong.I also learnt my new one was pregnant(got her pregnant)and by this time I knew pigs could die from birth so I was SCARED.I wanted to grab that woman by the hair and sting her up.But after two months Goobber was going strong proving she'd live for me.Iggy was getting bigger and bigger.
Well on May 30th Iggy went into distress.She was told old to have been bred and her pelvic wouldn't open enough for those babies to get out.So I brought her to the cavy knowledgable vet Goobber was going to and she suggested a $400(CAD)emergency c-section due to she thought the babies were dead and mom was going down fast.So I did it,I wanted to save her no matter the cost,that was what paychecks were for weren't they?Sadly though in the end she died.Surprisingly though she survived the surgery but after 5 hrs colapsed.So for the next three weeks I hand raised three ophaned baby pigs.My vet had warned me that they probly won't make it due to they had nothing from the mom.But three weeks later I was getting biten beyond belief by 3 babies,2 boys and 1 girl.They were 1 american,1 peruvian and one texel,2 were different colored brown ones and one was a TSW.I still have them to this day and they all are doing fine and are now over 6 months old.I proved the odds wrong and my vet.
On the day of their birth my mom had boughten me a sow(we were told boar) to replace the babies that we had "lost"according to my vet.I don't blame her for telling me this due to they wouldn't move for her.The new one was a abby/smooth,black and white with blue tinted eyes and we named her Moonshine.
SO now I had 7 pigs.
Then we realise oh oh Moonshine and Goobber were girls so we got them out of Scooter's cage and put them with Peepers.
2 Months later Goobber gave birth to 2 babies but sadly they died,we were told they were probly worse of then their mom.Luckly Moonshine didn't get pregnant.Then I saw a pig at the SPCA and fell in love but for some reason they wouldn't let me have her, so I got my friend to go get her for me.She was covered in fleas,she had a bump on her stomach and she had been found in a ditch.I named her Maddie due to her hair looks messy but she isn't a abby.She is still one WEIRD pig but she is "king"pig of the girls in her cage.THe bump was just a mamory cyst and my vet told me just to watch,She popped it and hasn't had it since.My vet had told me she had deficency in her past but she doesn't anymore,She is healthy and is now almost 2(or so we guess)
Then I dumbly went to a pet store I don't really like,to just look to make sure all had water, food,clean cages,etc.. and saw two adult pigs.
They were on the floor in the aisle in a cage with NO top.People were poking and grabbing these poor pigs.Sadly though that day I had no money.SO I had to leave them.But 2 weeks later I had convinced my mom on payday to go see if they were still there,they were.In the same place and conditions so $80 later I walked out with them cage and all.They were Walnut and Daisy.I was told both were boys due to they were to big to be girls.Needless to say they are both Sows(weighing in at 3pd 2oz and 2pd 8oz).At this time I told myself no more pets from the pets store but I broke that rule for them but they needed me.
Then one day came a phone call from my vet.She had had a woman bring in a male long haired pig that she had found in a dumpster.We asked her what that had to do with us and she said "What is one more"?That is my favourite saying now.So an hr later we had our beautiful Silkie who we named Sonny Boy.He is completely heathly and is a good little boy.He is approximately a yr old.
Then I was at pet store who gives me GREAT deals on food(she gives it to me at cost)and she had 3 pigs.I totally trust her.She honestly told me she didn't know who was what.I offered to check.She had 2 boys and 1 girl in ONE cage,they were 8 weeks old.I warned her to get them separated if it was already to late.She said she would,and that she wouldn't sell the girl til she was sure one way or the other.Well my mom fell in love and asked to buy her.The owner knowing we'd take care of her and any babies let us.We named her Sunflower,she is a american golden aquati(sp?)Then 2 days later my mom brought home the brother due to he looked lonely.We named him Pilgrim.This store ONLY buys locally after I told her what was wrong with Goobber and she promised me she'd never order in pigs and she never has,due to she rarely has pigs now.
Well 2 months later Sunflower had Neko and Gizmo.All turned out fine and healthy,THANK GOD.
Then about a month after the birth I had FINALLY found my dream pig,one I had been looking for for THREE yrs.An ALL black one.Sadly she was a store but I had to have her so home she came.I named her Blackberry.
**For the record the only stores(besides Walnut and DaIsy)I buy from stores I know buy locally.They hardly ever have pigs, they do only when someone buys from the stores and get a pregnant one.I am STILL fighting with them that even at 6 weeks pigs can impregnant each other.I got proof now.This is due to the SPCA refuses to let me adopt from them and they are the only rescue here in my city(sudbury,ON)They say I had to many(this was at when I only had 7)but I bring in a 40pd or pellets,big bag of shavings,bale of hay that lasts ME a month and also cat food and litter (both 40pd bags)once a month to help.**
THe new one,my all black one, is pregnant,just found out a week ago due to I felt something funny and then it moved.So in about 4 weeks I'll have I think 2 more babies.That is all I can feel.
After that NO MORE for me for a while.15 is enough for now.
So this is my story,I hope you enjoyed it.
I am sorry about the length but I had to share with you my journey of love,trial,error, learning and my passion.
Also I am hoping that if an inexperenced person reads this and realises that even they don't know eveything,same as me,that it is okay.As long as your willing to still learn as I am.
Talk to you all later.
P.S.I also have 5 cats(3 are my cats' babies,only gave away 2 to EXCELLENT homes,people who are friends.Cats are going in to be fixed in Janurary)2 dogs,2hamsters and 8 gold fish.All are loved and properly cared for and all were rescues from either idiotic people(one gave us our dog at 3 weeks,it was either take her or they were throwing her out the door) or Pet pals.
Not to mention 15 pigs,that are MY babies.The hamsters are to,but the rest are my mom's.

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Post   » Sun Dec 22, 2002 12:51 am

Wow!! You have a lot of pets! I'm so glad you didn't do anything crazy (about your mouth). Looks aren't really all that important. It's only looks, it's not who you are. I think people should be more like animals, they love us no matter what! And yours obviously love you.

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Scooters Pet

Post   » Sun Dec 22, 2002 1:21 am

I may have lots but your right animals love you no matter what.That is why I have them all.
Before I was looked down on my appearance,now I don't let it bother me,my Lethal White Goobber helped me realsie that.She was "different"then the others but she never let them treat her that way.Maddie has always been the head pig of the girls but she NEVER tried to tell Goobber what to do,or Goobber would get mad and wheek loud enough to get me to come running them she'd look at me and say "Mommy DO something".LOL but Maddie always respected her and NEVER told her what to do or not do..
Wierdly though before I was picked on due to my face but now they realise that doesn't bug me(me being 20 helps,due to know I don't care if I am liked or not)they now call me weird and obsessive.Due to I have so many animals in my house.I only reply "Yes and I have all the love I could want,what do YOU have"?LOL,shuts them right up.
Also thanks to my Goobber she gave me the courage to go BACK to high school to finish where I left off(I dropped out 2 yrs ago) ,so I could help other like her later in life.I am going to be an exotic vet with my own little rescue on the side for those unwanteds,or so people call them,because I know that they are wanted by someone I'll just have to help them find that someone and give them a chance to find them by not putting them down to soon.If I can't then they stay with me til they pass over that rainbow bridge to be with the one who wanted them all along.Which is the God almighty.
I'll admit sometimes I feel VERY overwhelmed with all my pets but I always realise they are worth everything to me.Sometimes I feel like throwing them out the window but at those times I just grab on and cuddle them and that idea flies out the window when they purr and let me know they love me and appriciate everything I do for them.I sometimes think WHY am I doing this.Then I remember that they need me,that is why.If they didn't have me where would they be?and the answer to that scares me.
The way I see it is sure we have 24 animals but there are 5 of us to love them(mom,dad,bro,bro's g/f and myself)so if one doesn't get to one animal the other does.I know my pigs and hamsters are my responsibilty but my mom LOVES them just as much.THANK GOD.When I went back to school I felt totally overwhelmed with school,working full time,and my pets needing me.SO my mom told me to quit working and she'd pay to feed my pets.I've done this for 4 months so far but next month I am going to look for a PART time job due to I feel bad knowing it should be me supporting them and I'm not.All I can say is animals are til death do you part.No if ands or buts about it and my animals are here to stay no matter how fed up I get sometimes,how overwhelmed I get sometimes or how busy I get due to I took them in with the oath of til death do us part and I will honor that oath til the day I die.
Sorry I am rambling again.I'll stop now.

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Post   » Sun Dec 22, 2002 1:43 am

I used to get picked on a lot too when I was in high school because I had really bad acne. But one day I looked around at all the people who were treating me so mean and asked myself, "what is so special about them that is better than me?". And the answer was, "nothing". They were not better than me. And I saw what kind of friends they had, and relationships they had and I thought they were very shallow. I realised that they were very sad people with very sad lives and I would not change places with them even if I could. Besides, with a little bit of make-up, I can still look pretty; and I know my friends like me for who I am, not for how popular I am!

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Scooters Pet

Post   » Sun Dec 22, 2002 2:16 am

That is what I know see,think and understand.
Whereas at 16 I was mature enough to know that yet,probly because I was always trying to be liked by everyone.Then I realised the only one that had to like me was myslef and no one else mattered.
I have my friends who like me for who I am not what I am.If that make sense,I am tired.
P.S.Off to clean the cages of the ones who truely love me now and always will.I am glad to do it to.Even though I just now have time and it is just after 2 am,but hey I can sleep in 2 hrs.I am SO glad school is out for now,that way I can get a break.At least for a little while.
Talk to you later.

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Post   » Sun Dec 22, 2002 10:42 am

I'm glad your pets mean so much to you. And very glad you learned what it takes to provide them with a good environment and the right food. And I hope they all have healthy lives.

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Post   » Sun Dec 29, 2002 9:47 pm

How many times did your cat get peed on? I can't help but find it hilarious that your cat got peed on by a rabbit more than once.

Ps- high school is seriously a "drop in the bucket". Not that helps when you are living through it, but it's really NOT the real world. Thank God about that.

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Post   » Mon Dec 30, 2002 3:05 am

What a great story! Thank you for sharing! My only question is how many cages do you have? Also, do you have pictures of your pigs to share?


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Scooters Pet

Post   » Wed Jan 01, 2003 1:18 am

Yes my cat got "peed"on,I think knowing what I do now he was spraying.He did this none stop,poor cat!!SHe was NOT impressed.
As to the cages I have 4 in total.
One is a 4 by 7 C&C/floor=7 sows(maybe more,one is pregnant,came to me pregnant)
one is a 2 by7 C&C/floor=2 sows
one is a 2 by 7 C&C=3 boars
one is a 2 by 5(soon to expand)=3 boars
C&C/floor=they have a Coroplast box with shavings with excess to a penned of area to the floor which is covered with a blanket to protect them from the floor and to protect my floor from them!LOL
As of right now my computer is acting up,my scanner isn't working so I have no current picture of them or their cages.But as soon as my scanner is working I'll be doing a homepage at geocities and I'll post the link here when it is done.
Well bye for now.

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