My Piggy - Dongdong

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Post   » Fri Apr 07, 2006 3:17 am

I bought her on January 30th, 2006.
She was about few weeks old (I think)
oh well...she was a real jumpy pig~

I remembered that before I bought her a cage, I needed to put her in a box first. I put her together with my housemate's. When I came back from the pet store, I opened the box just to want to take a look at her, and SUDDENLY she jumped out from the box! She jumped about 3/4 to a foot high, while she was just 5 - 6 inches long.

This is the photo of her after a few days in her new home. -- [Changed to url -- photo TOO BIG - Lynx]

I didn't know how to name her, until my housemate suggested Dongdong. It's Chinese. Dong means winter. She said..."You brought her into the family during Winter"... Dongdong works. My boyfriend has two guinea pigs... One guy and one girl. The guy is about 3 years old and the girl is close to a year old. They are called Dordor and Dingding... I thought naming mine with the sound of "D" would be cute too. However, we always mixed up their names.

Here's Dordor:

and here's Dingding:

Our house had 6 guinea pigs once. We now have 5. That is because while my housemate's boyfriend bought her guinea pigs, they were too little. They were only a week old, so they needed to bring the mom along. Now, the mom is at their friend's place.

Last photo: My housemate's two babies.. they are brother and sister (black one is a girl and the brown one is a boy)

Back to Dongdong -- She is now about double of her size back on the first day I got her. I will be back with more photos.

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Post   » Sat Apr 08, 2006 1:31 am

Very pretty!


Post   » Sat Apr 08, 2006 3:42 am

Darling, darling piggies!

When you're ready to really spoil them, check out - cool plans for easy-to-make giant cages. Dingding and Dongdong will be very happy with you.

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Post   » Sat Apr 08, 2006 10:02 am

Very cute.

You do have the males and females seperated don't you? :s

And do check out the site Twowhitepiggies posted, they should have a HUGE cage!

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