Pigglett's Great Escape

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Post   » Tue Jun 27, 2006 12:18 pm

It all started yesterday afternoon. My husband and I let our guinea pigs, Pigglette, Cappuccino, and Squeak out last night for plenty of floor time. Cappuccino is a neutered male and gets floor time with our female Squeak. Pigglett was already three when we adopted him and is not neutered so he can't be out with Squeak. If it is just he and Cappy he ignores Cappy and naps. Pigglett has always liked his own cage and is happiest with his head buried in a food dish or taking a nap in my lap. He is a large boy and we worry about him not getting enough exercise. During floor time he will not run around if he is alone. He will lay on my feet under my desk in our kitchen and nap. So we connected some cube grids so that we could put him in the middle of the floor and he and the other can piggies visit. It has actually worked out well. They all bump noses, chat and chubblemutter through the grids and he will actually run with the other two from inside his fence. Last night we put Squeak and Cappucinno back in their Cavy Cages we decided to let Pigglett have the kitchen to himself for about 30 more minutes. Because the other piggers had been out we knew he would walk around sniffing where they had been thus getting more exercise. Before going to bed my husband put away everything we use for floor time so we could all go to bed. My husband gets up to get ready for work around 5:00. I teach school and I'm out for the summer (don't worry the piggers are home schooled, they never been in a classroom) This morning at 5:18 AM my husband frantically came back in our bedroom and woke me up. "Honey, get up!, get up!" Pigglett is not in his cage." I sat straight up, trying to get myself awake "What do you mean he's not in his cage.! How could he have gotten out!" My heart started to sink with fear. All three of our babies are in C&C cages and from the floor to the top of the grid is almost 29". Pigglett is not a climber or a jumper so I just could not even imagine him trying to escape. This is so unlike him. I looked at the cages, the floor, and then at my husband and said, "That's a long way down for a guinea pig." There stood my poor husband, panic striken and knowing he was going to need to leave for work shortly. He said, "I can't go to work knowing he might be hurt. I looked for him and can't find him. He could be anywhere." I stood there thinking, chewing my lip and looking around trying to think where Pigglett could possibly be. I thought maybe he had jumped in his hay bin then over in to Cappy's cage or even worse Squeak's cage. I snatched up the pigloo's like a maniac playing a shell game just to get confused, sleepy looks from Squeak, then Cappy. Yet, no Pigglett. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the wooden hidey's we put in a pan with carefresh for floor time. I walked over and picked it up. It was heavier than usual. I held it up so I could see in and Pigglett stuck his nose out and gave me a nose bump. My heart flooded with relief! I turned to my husband and said, "Did you put him back in his cage last night?" I could see him thinking and he said, "You know, I put everything away but I assumed he was in his cage because I didn't see him out on the floor. I though the hidey and pan felt a little heavy." I shook my head and gave him a whithering look. Pigglett had not made a Great Escape at all! He was in the hidey napping and had stayed in their all night. Since no other piggers were out running around he just hung out in the floor hidey. This is one time that I'm happy he is not extremely adventurous!

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Post   » Tue Jun 27, 2006 3:28 pm

Ha, glad to hear this wild adventure has a happy ending. I have a non-adventurous pig too!

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Post   » Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:26 pm

Mittie, I'll bet yours was a good story. I couldn't read it though because I have trouble reading large blocks of words.

Please break up long posts into multiple paragraphs for improved readability. Thanks!

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Post   » Tue Jun 27, 2006 6:29 pm

That's adorable! Thanks goodesness Pigglett was safe and sound. I bet he was hungry!

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