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Chapter 1 How It All Began with Sid Vicious

When I was 16 years old I fell in love with a boy named Noah. We met at a Halloween party up in New York where I used to live. Three years went by and I still was crazy about him. He decided one day that he was going to join the Navy instead of going to college. I was worried about the distance since he would be stationed in Virginia and I was going to The Art Institute of Atlanta, but I supported his decision and we went down the paths we chose. At the four year mark of our relationship right before one of my midterms he called from New York where he had been visiting his family and friends. He stated that he wanted to be with this other woman who has known for a long time. I said some choice words and hung up. I didn't know what to do at this point he had been everything to me.

Well I was down in the dumps and my friend and roommate Peter dragged me out of the house to go to the grocery store with him. I hadn't eaten in days and the fridge was empty. We passed by a Petco and I asked if we could stop by to see the animals.

We walked into the pet store and right away I saw an aquarium with 4 male guinea pigs. Three of them layed around while one very small guinea pig was jumping around.

"I want to buy him, " I said right away.

"Will it cheer you up?" Pete asked.


"Alright then."

So we got all the supplies that a Petco employee recommended (what a mistake, but I didn't know at the time) and we went home.

We were told he was 2 months old and he was a tri-colored abby. His little mohawk inspired us to name him Sid Vicious after the ever popular member of the Sex Pistols. He was very scared at first, but slowly he explored the world around him.


Peter was the one who stumbled upon guineapigcages.com and we saw the very large C&C cages. I didn't realize how easy it was to build my own so I bought a medium sized one.


After spending a lot of time on the forums over at guineapigcages I realized that everything that I was told at the pet store was so incredibly wrong. I vowed that day I would never buy again from a pet store.

Sid and I became very close and I spent a lot of time with him. I started to forget all the sadness that I had been feeling. He brought so much warmth into my life. I started to wake up in the morning excited about the day. I couldn't remember the last time I had smiled and laughed. Sid was the love of my life.

Let Sleeping Pigs Lie

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Sid is beautiful. First pigs are always special. :)


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Chapter 2 Ziggy Stardust

After Sid became more comfortable with us and I had done more research, I decided it was time to sweet talk Peter into adopting a second guinea pig. We first took Sid to the vet and he got a check up and was issued a clean bill of health. (very rare case seeing as he was a pet store purchase) I found that their was a nearby guinea pig rescue (I was extremely lucky that it was like 20 minutes away.)

I called the owner (3baymares) and decided to stop by and look at the guinea pigs she had up for adoption. I was worried about the introductions so we took Sid along with us.

After looking at the males I immediately fell in love with a 6 month old American.


We put the boys out in the play pen. Poor Sid at the time was so little and was humped an awful lot. I felt bad, but I knew he would be happier with a firend. After a while they got tired and decided to snuggle together. I was very happy that all the drama was over. I did the paperwork and took the boys home.


We wanted to keep the tradition of rock star names so we named our new addition Ziggy Stardust after the wonderful David Bowie[/b]
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Stay tuned for the girls!


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If you think Sid and the Ziggster are adorable, just wait till she gets to the part about the girls. Oh my!

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Hooray for Sid and Ziggy

This is MY pig named Ziggy Stardust too!



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Edit: I forgot to mention that Sid and Ziggy later on went through a horrible puberty phase and no longer could live together. I kept telling Ziggy that one day Sid was going to be bigger than him and he wouldn't be the dominant one anymore. Sure enough Sid did get bigger and didn't take the bossy Ziggy too kindly.

Sid Before:

Sid After:

So I made a 2x6 and put a divider inbetween the two.

I thought that my two boys would be maximum number of guinea pigs I would have, but man was I wrong. One day while browsing around the forums I spotted 3baymares posting about a guinea pig (supposedly male) stuck at a pound near Macon, GA. I wanted to save the poor pig from being euthanized and planned on fostering him until 3baymares had space at her rescue.

I got out of class early one day and Peter and I drove the 2 hours to go get him. We filled out the paper work and went to go see him. Well he ended up being a she! She was back in the corner of a metal cage. Her rump was covered in feces and bird seed which apparently was what they had been feeding her. We took the very thin and tired girl home.

We decided to name her Gwendolyn.

Thanks to the wonderful people here at guinealynx and at guineapigcages we had the donations we needed to take her straight to the vet. She had pneumonia, URI, UTI and malloclussion. We got her on antibiotics right away and scheduled an appointment for her teeth to be filed down.

I spent the night hand feeding her and giving her medicine. She was a very sweet, but very tired.


One day when I was ready to go feed her she was lying down in the cage in a weird position. I picked her up and knew something was wrong we got into the car and drive as fast as we could to the vet office. She died in my arms in her star fleece blanket on the way there.

She was cremated at the vet's office and was sent a very beautiful card from them. She was the most beautiful pig who had a very horrible life. I got so angry. I got angry towards irresponsible owners, at pet stores, at breeders. This poor girl suffered because someone just dumped her off. She deserved so much better.

After cleaning the place where she had spent her final days and mourning poor Gwen I knew that if I had the chance to better a guinea pig's life I would jump at the chance because that's what Gwen would have wanted me to do.

(to be continued)[/img]

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That's so sad about Gwendolyn however, it's wonderful to hear she had a great home in the end.

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I love this story. You love for these animals comes through so clearly. More!


Post   » Wed Jan 10, 2007 2:38 pm

After having spent almost 10 years in the Navy, I say you were better off without him anyway! ;)

Your pigs are beautiful. Sorry to hear about Gwen.

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Your story made me cry. You truely are a beautiful person.

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I want to hear more too!

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