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I have had pigs before, but none like these 5. I will explain one at a time to make it easier.

Montrey, she is our baby. She came to us in a Petstore cage, all sick, and also very friendly. Montrey and I immediatly took to each other while meeting with previous owner. I said my goodbyes to her old owner and was headed home. I had her sister Faith beside her. Montrey made a little squeek and thats the last I remember. We were in a car accident at 7:11 p.m. after picking Montrey up at 7:05 p.m. I asked the cop before I went to the hospital if she could find Montrey and get her home safely. I called my family and also asked for the pigs to return safely. Montrey was finally found, her little tush was very smart. She hid under the seat after being thrown. Faith stayed behind in the newly flat petstore cage.

When I got home from the hospital I tried to bend the cage the best I could to make due while the C&C cage was in order. Montrey did her best everyday. She hid in her hidey house, and never caused trouble. Floortime came and went, still Montrey was the best behaved pig. I always took her out of the small petstore cage 1x1.5 and admired her dearly. I nursed her back to health and then on February 2nd the C&C cage was here.

Montrey was introduced to the C&C cage after only 10 minutes of working to put it together and 10 to set it up. I admired it for about 5 minutes afterwards. I just was to excited to witness popcorning and joy out of the pigs. My first real pigs, not just fosters.

I laid Montrey in the cage and she sniffed around. At the time I was using carefresh bedding, had only one hidey, was using a basket with a ramp on it for the timothy, and then one water bottle, and a tunnel. The cage was a 2x3 when I bought it off Montrey continued her exploring around the new cage. I knew for a fact it was not complete. I just had to find my nearest target. Which I eventually found one, two and a half hours away.

Montrey and Faith didn't do any popcorning that day. I was let down after spending $60.00 on a cage and had over $200 in them after the first two months and they did not seem to be enjoying my home. I was more than determined to get them to love me as though I was their mom. Finally! I witness popcorning. But that was not until Spot came.

Montrey and Faith were so estatic when the four week old Spot came into my home. I laid her in the cage, totally skipping quarentine. They sniffed her, cuddled with her, and taught her the basic steps of being the "perfect pig". Montrey was the more dominant one, until Faith came. Faith put her in her spot and Montrey just stayed back and let Faith pretend Spot was her baby. Faith raised Spot. Spot is the pig with the temper, she will not bite unless you harm her. Which is pretty much the same as us people. Sometimes I wonder if im guinea pig or human?

The URI came around a week after having Spot. I took them to the vet, got some Baytril and started treatment. Oh boy, I was so organized and that just messed everything up! I didn't quiet know what to do. I rushed around to fit in floor time, veggie time, and also medication time, as I was also treating them for serious eye infections, and Faith is blind. I was dealing with finding out Faith is blind, painfully tagged and tattooed. Faith will forever be scared. She was a show pig before I adopted her from a friend. After the URI was done I was very relieved so..

After 3 1/2 weeks of owning Spot, and a URI battle, I decided to "foster" two boys named Snickers and Stewart. They are 8 months old, just came here two days ago, March 11, 2007. The fostering didn't work out so I decided to fully adopt. I just loved them the minute I touched them. They are just to cute, and so lovable. Spot expecially liked them. She admired them through a grid. They also loved her. A mistake I made caused me to end up with more pigs. Baby Spot, being only 7 1/2 weeks old and oddly small (size of 2 week old baby pig) can crawl through grids. I figured I didn't need coroplast around the side wall (which is where I attached the boys cage two days after making that decision). So I walked into the pig room today March 13, 2007 and see Spot in the boys' cage! I was so petrified. I was running around preparing the 2x2 temporary cage for Spot. When I came back she was gone. Just disapeered. I finally heard a rustle in the cardboard box that was floor time while Spot was 4 weeks old. I caught her and put her in the cage.

After putting Spot in the cage, I put in a cozy, hidey house, bowl of food, water, timothy hay, and some fresh veggies. I cozied up with her for a second, but inside I was very angry. Oh boy, talk about Angry. I know shes on pregnancy watch now, and I am wishing its just watch and no babies come. But if they do, we will deal. I will keep all the babies and expand the boys cage to another room so I can make sure Spot or if Spot has babies her babies do not end up in the same situation Spot is in.

I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. I do have a vet on site waiting for the worst, and hoping for the best. She is waiting for 50 - 60 days to pass so I can get a "piggysound". Hopefully no babies *fingers crossed* well wish me luck. I will post pictures if you guys want them. Of course you do.

My pigs are: Montrey 2 years, Faith 5 years, Spot 7 wks, Snickers 8 months, and Stewart 8 months.

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