Patch, my life as his owner.

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How is it you go and choose a pet, you get the one with attitude and a temper to match!

I had looked after my folks 2 little guinea pigs, whilst they were on holiday, I had fun looking after them. My parents took me to Pets at Home. I know better from experience now, then I had virtually no clue about the life style of a Diva. (Putting it Lightly)

It became a learning curve, I never knew the workload put into one little guinea pig! Spoiled boy!

Boy, Patch was mainly a typical Scottish "Ginger", red haired and a temper to match. Angry, I've never owned a foul tempered guinea pig! Wasn't fair on me on getting bitten. However, Patch on his good days was quite a sweet natured, mischevious little boy, loved his mom's hand feeding him, grooming, but not touching his feet, ticklish feet, tickle his left shoulder, bang thumper foot. I'm not sure why he liked to run up and down on my back, and nibble lick my back. Yes he can be a little devil as well. The scar tissue from my years of acne, was a source of Patch's perverse entertainment for his little lifetime.
As he started to mature, well I had to take the little fella for vet checkup, teeth bothered him, my vet gave him a full MOT, that was fun, blood tests showed high levels of oestregen. Patch has got both sex organs, male and female, Kind of explained the mood swings! Right throughout his short life, he made enemies. Hated two guinea pigs both black colour. Teenage boars, are little sods! they find ways of making the owner go red with embarassment. Boar glue, err ejaculate. Stinky Anal glands, general teenage behaviour. for a male guinea pig.

One of the worst things to happen to Patch. He lost his left leg, due to buying a toy, and he de sheaved his claws on his left foot. A soon I spotted his foot, I got him to the vet fast, despite our prompt care, he developed a NF type of infection. Discussed Amputation, kind of upset me to put him down, I wanted to give him a chance to live. And despite that loss of his leg. Nothing really phased Patch, little man discovered he could still climb, jump, run do everything, within his bitchy empire. Guests, both human and guinea pigs, soon learned that you don't ignore Patch the Diva, and his house, his rules! Oh yes even his mum was trained to Patch's vocalizations! I had a very camp character for a pet. Liked to eat a wide selection of fruit and veggies, and branches of his favourate trees.

Well when I bought Finnie and Sooty home, fur flew. Patch and Sooty hated each other's guts! Finnie and Patch loved to play together and cuddle, Sooty no way! When pets don't like each other... Well, I reckon Patch got an extended life, because of his Anti Sooty stance. Poor Sooty!

Patch, would from time to time have trouble with his back teeth, I was never out of the vets, because Patch's little bit spoilt by the vet nurses, and Spend a couple of days at the vets, never got to the bottom of Patch's dental problems! I guess Patch was our Vet's Special VIP. Except one Vet, did not understand Patch's needs, Patch hated that Vet with a passion! I knew that I wasn't happy either, made sure that Patch got his particular Vet. One of the weirdest things was Patch having Tonsillitus! I knew through forums and reading that guinea pigs don't have tonsils. Err, Patch is an exception to the rule folks. I usually sent the trio to my folks if I felt my tonsils flare up. I happen to be a very good owner, I ain't willing to pass my germs to my boys.

I was devastated when Finnie Died Suddenly, Patch and the babies and myself became victumns of a norovirus. Nasty, I got the trio to the vets and got crit care and probiotics started, and drugs for me to combat the effects of the noro virus. Finnie died in his sleep in his box that I set up for nursing sick guinea pigs. I buried him at my parents. After that bout of nasty bug. The boys remained to keep fighting.

After Patch turned 4, I started to notice that his fur got lighter, by that time he ended up on painkillers, and just slowed down a bit, he was still healty enough, eating, being a spoiled diva, I decided that Sooty move cages. Patch still loved to climb and jump, I made his life more easier. One morning I found Patch unable to move, I had to let him go, he stroked out on his left side. I don't think anyone should witness the eventual dying process, of a stroke. Patch died at the vets. I had to let him go peacefully. I buried Patch in the garden of my parents.
It's taken me a few years to pluck up the courage to finally tell Patch's story.

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