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Post   » Mon Dec 29, 2003 10:19 pm

So I said on some thread you were clueless about something?

L M One

Post   » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:11 pm

Hey guys, guess what?

I have some good news that I was going to post on the other board, but..
I may as well post here. It is 'family', after all.

Little Patrick was nominated for the Special School District Award.

It's very important award and he's only been 'nominated'.

It's given out only once a year and awarded to the student that shows the most improvment in thier disability.

Patrick...has set a new national standert in wich that measure the capability of his syndrom. Now other children are following the same program, but not making as big of strides as he is, so...I've spoken to not only his teachers, but the SSD council about some of the things done for him at home..
and my talk centered around guinea pigs..

Simply because..
though dogs and cats are responsive..(we own three dogs, two cats)
for some reason, when a child like Patrick can hold a soft, warm creature that simply wants to snuggle against a warm brings more responce. I'm not saying that the guinea pigs (expecially Dragon) were fully responsable for Patrick's progress (a progress that has both his teachers and the other profesionals working with him, amazed and baffled) but they hold an important part.

It would be so amazing if somehow they could intrigrate this into some form of theorpy.

But anyway..
there was an article written about Patrick. It's ruff draft shown to me last week. When it's finally done, I'll go ahead and post it on here.


Patrick has proven to be a very creative writer.

He's got one book about to be published (just for the public schools). It deals with what it is like to live in his 'world'.

Not bad for a kid who will be 12 at the end of this month and a three year old Guinea Pig named Dragon.

L M One

Post   » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:15 pm

"So I said on some thread you were clueless about something?"

Teresa? I think I missed something. I'm confused.

L M One

Post   » Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:16 pm

Oh no wait...*laughs* I see it now..

No no...MY name is Teresa, too..
my real name, I mean. I was just showing dialog between my husband and myself.

Oh wow..yeah, I could see how that got confusing.

Sorry about that

L M One

Post   » Sat Jan 17, 2004 4:08 pm

Mr Nibbles....

He's not really a pig. He's not even alive. It's a cheap, plastic guinea pig the shape of a guinea pig. It has a tiny bell in it.

He happens to be Dragon's best friend.

Dragon's best friend....poor piggy.

He and Larry do no get along. Larry is a 'super pig'. He's large and in charge (and an expert humper). Dragon, until Larry arrived, was the dominant. So, as you can guess, it's not possible to keep them together...

So they are 'gridded' off from one another....

But Mr. Nibbles has become such an attached, loved cage-mate for Dragon that he cuddles with him, loves on him, pushes him around..and will wheeeeeeeek constantly if Mr.Nibbles is extracted from his cage.
I'd love to be able to slip the new piggy, Bob, in there with Dragon...
The trouble is... Bob and Larry get along and have bonded. Bob follows Larry everywhere when it's floor time. (Which, by the way, Dragon insists Mr Nibbles has floor time with him)


I'm not sure what to do. Should I just let Dragon cuddle with Mr Nibbles or actively seek out a cage mate for him....?
Upsetting the delicate balance between phyco-pig and plastic-pig.

Five pigs are allot..

Six is.... Just..WOW.


I wrote this on the main board..
but it's a good chronicle too!

Sweet little Dragon and Mr. Nibbles will remain room mates, for as long as heavy plastic holds out!

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Sewing for a Cause

Post   » Mon Feb 02, 2004 4:35 am

Shakes & Peppers .........

I was looking for a puppy to start with, I wanted a small apartment size friend. I never found one when I was taking my kids back to their dad's when their dad mentioned a guinea pig knowing I use to have hampsters. And so Shakes was brought to me, a Albino English short hair. I didn't know enough about sexing a guinea pig then to say for sure it was male or female, so I held off on saying anything about a playmate. Shakes loved to have the free roam of the room to and with me not working at the time, I played with Shakes most of the days.
This gave me some more time to fully explore and understand more of a guinea's needs and found a reliable vet to help me out to. Shakes was still to young for nutering though so we held that off for the time.
Unfortunatly I had also got a friend of mine excited about piggies too and she rushed out to a pet store instead of a rescue since it was convienent for her and got Pepper. But after having Pepper only a few days, she said she couldn't afford a decent vet and didn't like doing the clean up.
Sheesh I thought, and my friend had already brought Pepper over for me to see once. ( we didn't introduce the two since she hadn't had Pepper at least for a 2 week rule, I forbidded that intro.) But my friend was so careless as to run out and not even think of everything I had told her and now asking me to take a female pig with my boar. This wasn't a good idea, but I couldn't let Pepper go back to that store either. To big a heart and so precious a piggy and very scared being moved around so much I presumed. I took Pepper in.
Shakes now got a scent of Pepper around and started going nuts, squeeking all night and all day I'm sure. I kept Pepper in another room. The two weeks came around and I introduced the two in side by side cages, the vet trip was in three more days to get Pepper a ok health check and see about spading although she's just a baby yet. Shakes is still to young to nueter yet too. Health is good, both behaving well though Shakes is very grochy not getting to get "snuggle" with his new cage neighbor.
I had restarted work a few weeks back already and Shakes on his daily stroll of the room one day, decided he could climb. Now I know there was nothing for Shakes to jump from cause there was nothing less then 5 feet away and that was a top bunk only bed made with tube pipes. Upon arriving home I found Shakes had gotten into Peppers cage! How on earth did this happen !!!!
oooooh no, was my first thoughts. sh** sh** sh*t was my next. Shakes must of known my voice cause he started climbing, actually climbing the wire squares of the cage!! I had to stop and watch Shakes cause I couldn't believe it, not after all I had read thus far about piggies not liking steep inclines and not needing tops without indoor threats.
Now two months latter and damage is very noticibly done, Shakes has been um 'enjoying' his completely enclosed cage when I'm not at home and Pepper is given more freedom to roam the room although prefers to stay in her cozy small cage. Must be her poor belly. Pepper has been a shy one and very very slowly coming around to letting me put my finger to her nose in a hello greeting as me and Shakes do several times a day. Shakes on the other hand took only a day to accept me and his home and was very friendly and come to me while I drummed my fingers on the floor as one would being board or to the sound of a kiss. Pepper now pokes her nose out of her house when the lettuce bag comes out of the little frige I have for them in the bedroom or kisses for a treat. Shakes always gives kisses before any treat or lettuce and often beggs as well. A trickster now that he has compotition for first getting goodies lol.
And after all this said and done, I don't need to get any more playmates I'm sure as we plan to keep the babies as that alternative. While finances do play a part, I am sure Pepper is not going to exceed since it looks like only two babies are there but possibly three, even four would be ok. I've learned my lesson about keeping opposite sexes even in the same room in different cages when not spade or nuetered or in completely inclosed cages!!

L M One

Post   » Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:02 am

Good –bye, Curly Sue.

The sun wasn’t even up yet. It was a soft wailing sob of a child that woke me this morning. The unmistakable kind of sobs that tells a mother something is terribly wrong. We’d had the flu run through this house all week and I was certain Shannon, (10) had woke up with a tummy ache. I slipped on my robe, stepped into my house-shoes and went to the door, half awake to help her. But what I was met with, was heart breaking. The little blond, holding her dark Texil’s limp body. I had to blink back my own tears, when I approached.

“I’m so sorry, Shannon.” I had said, holding out my arms to take the tiny body. I looked her over yet there seemed nothing was wrong. Shannon just stood there, stiff and sobbing.

“I prayed everyday she came home she wouldn’t ever die, Mommy. I prayed everyday!”

“I know honey, but sometimes these things happen. It was just Curly’s turn to go home.”

“It’s not fair!” she complained.

I could see her going through the phases. I’ve seen this allot in my little girl. She’s been exposed to death way too much this past year. Her grandparents, her ‘Tiger’. (A sweet little orange and brown Teddy Guinea Pig), and now, her best friend, Curly Sue. I had to agree it wasn’t fair.

Curly Sue’s funeral happened just as the sun came up this morning. 6:30am. I picked away the frozen ground with a ‘hoe’ and bent the blade in my raw anger. I’m glad the children stayed inside, where it was warm so they wouldn’t see their own mother’s anger. We found a nice shoebox, loaded it with warm hay and a Precious Moment’s valentine’s card left over from the day before.
It read “ All things great and small.”

GP Lover
My home, ruled by pigs!

Post   » Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:18 am

Aw...I'm sorry to hear you guys lost Curly Sue. How sad. Perhaps your daughter would feel better by adopting a homeless guinea pig in honor of Curly Sue.

When I lost my first guinea pig I was so devastated but a little voice in my head kept hearing that he would want me to give the love he experienced from me to another homeless guinea pig who had nobody to love it. It really helped me get through it.

L M One

Post   » Fri Feb 27, 2004 11:46 am

To make this long story short, it's actually kind of simple.

Sunday my daughter showed me an add in the paper "Free To Good Home" batted her big blue eyes and looked hopeful.

Now, I know she misses Curly Sue, could I say 'no'?
I couldn't. So I did the best thing I could think to do.
I stalled.

and stalled..

and waited...

thinking that maybe the piggie would find another owner.

I know that's a cruel thing to do, but still...How can I tolerate another Piggie lost and a grieving child?


I stalled some more.

I even reasoned with her: "If you can wait a few months and we see one at the Humane Society, we'll go adopt a girl for you."

Know what got me? What finally won out?


Yup, they used Angel. They brought me to her cage, while she was sleeping and whispered.."Look, she's so lonely and sad that she sleeps ALL the time!"

Now I know that's not true, but if my daughter is that creative and sensative...

anyway....I caved for the Cavie last night. Thursday night.

I called.

I showed up, took a look at this American Tortie.
She was in there with a BOAR?!

I asked the owner what was up and he informed me that "Buffy" has had two other litters and he's tired of placing them all so he wants her gone.

That settled it. I've got her now.

And her name is changed...

Buffy? Blah...

Her new name is Grace

L M One

Post   » Fri Feb 27, 2004 6:38 pm

Hmm The more I look at Grace, the more I..think..
she may be pregnant.

I'm not sure. I know she's very 'wide' on either side but I haven't felt any movement.
Chances are she is, though. I'm not stupid enough to think she's not when she was in with the boar in her ex-owner's place.

Poor Grace....
so, off to the Vet tomorrow we go with a grumbling, disgruntal husband muttering under his breath at me.

I still shiver to think what would have happened, though, to her had she remained.

So off in the isolation cage she remains, hidden from the others in my bedroom where it's quiet and everyone tippy toes in to peek in on her for now.
Three weeks isolotion, Ivemectrin

GP Lover
My home, ruled by pigs!

Post   » Fri Feb 27, 2004 9:12 pm

What a lovely story. Your daughter sounds quite compassionate and its nice to hear a story of a mom giving into that compassion!

Grace is one lucky girl...or mama to be, huh?

L M One

Post   » Tue Mar 02, 2004 8:51 pm

Momma to be.
This week has been so frantically busy.
With spring renevations (painting the boys and girls rooms)
But yes, it's been comfirmed. The Vet has given her about three weeks, maybe two.

I'm so grateful we got her out of that situation, though.
She is a nervious, jittery, very unsocialized creature but...
she's warming up slowly. Shannon has allot of patience.

L M One

Post   » Sun Mar 07, 2004 1:45 pm

Amazing Grace--

Unable to sit still, even to enjoy a gentle cupping pat or cuddle-cup-love.

That's our Grace.

She is fast, frightened and wide eyed as if the world will crash around her at any minute.

But, today,...ahh..this morning, she gave her first kiss.

Fat with babies, she cuddled up close in my arms but reached over to kiss Shannon on the nose. Moment's later she wiggled out of my arms and into her's.

She knows.
Yes, she knows just who she loves best.
She's still twichy, nervious and at times nips, but she's warming up and that's important.

She's finally learning to trust.

L M One

Post   » Sat Mar 20, 2004 9:49 pm

Happy Birthday...

Today, while we were all out at the Mall for a Girl Scouts crafts and information expo., Grace had her babies.
Three very cute little guys too.

We just had gotten home when I reminded her to check her pig. She hurried back into her room, then shrieked, so excitedly and backed into the hall. Her hands over her mouth.

"They're here! Grace's babies are HERE!"

We all scrambled over one another to take a look and sure enough, there they were! Running around the cage. Grace was doing a great job as a mother. Nursing them, then pausing long enough to enjoy some fresh pellets and alfalpha.

But Each time she did, Angel, the cage mate would run after the babies ..she'd nip and bite and at one point, trampled over one of them. These little guys tried to nurse, but were always being bothered by Angle. Poor Angel I'm sure, didn't understand and Grace was busy trying to protect her babies.
So, we put a seperation grid in. Then added a heavy, thick strap of cardboard so the babies wouldn't fall through the grits and end up in Angel's side.

So far, they are much more peaceful and contented. So is Grace

L M One

Post   » Fri Apr 02, 2004 1:09 am

Names, names names.

Grace's Pups went nameless for almost two weeks of their life. But today, it was all settled. I packed them all up for a visit to meet LibbyLou as she volunteered at the Humane Society in Maryland Hieghts.
They were coddled, cooed over and fussed about. Each one loving the attention, but poor Grace was pretty uncertain about all these people smells smeared in her babies' hair.

So it's official. We have two boys and one girl.
A dark headed, tri-collored female that is now named Chi-Chi.
She is our 'talker, and normally complains about being cuddled till she's settled in.

Then there's Rodney. He's a tortishell and white American Boar. Fisty little guy that wiggled so much he didn't want Libby Lou touching nothing so personal on him! So, she had to put him back and check someone else till he calmed down. l

Prince Phil, or simply Phil, is the last one. He's such a pretty and very unique looking guy. Longer hair, with light collors on white. One rubby eye, and I think one blue. Or it was noticed he might have one blue, He's a lover. He gives nose kisses to anyone who wants to rub noses.

Grace cuddled them; cornering each baby to protect them from the invading, annoying people. She's a good mommy and I was told these little guys were not only very pretty, but HUGE.. well fed little crew.

L M One

Post   » Sun Jul 11, 2004 11:34 am

I wonder if piggies inherit their personalities.

It seems not only does Rodney look like his mother but he's gotten her fiestyness too.

A torti boar with some white (his mother is a torti sow with white, too), he's swiftest pig we have. He's twitchy and inquisative; exploring everything at a frantic speed. My son asked if he was born in a coffee cup because he acts like he's hocked up on java.

One trait we noticed it the same is 'digging'. Grace loves to sit on someone's chet and just dig at their shirt. It normally tickles a child and the giggle as she keeps going. Now Rodney does it! Just digs and digs , then nibbles on the cloth and keeps digging. It's priceless

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Post   » Thu Jul 15, 2004 2:00 am

Wow, I just love these stories. I think I've found my favorite forum! I hadn't ventured into these parts until now. I LOVE to hear stuff like this. It makes up for all the sad stories. Thank goodness for people like you, and everyone else here!

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Post   » Mon Oct 18, 2004 8:41 pm

L.M.One: I really think you need to put this journal into a storybook of some kind. I am sitting here sobbing. The story is so sweet, sad, heartwrenching and heartwarming all at the same time.

You have a way with words, describing situations and feelings. A special way to let us feel what your family was feeling.

I think you have a special gift. Just as your son does.

And what a beautiful way to promote the wonderful beauty of guinea pigs, and just how great a family pet they can be. For the last 2 years I have often proclaimed that all of my piggies (8 of them at this time) do more for my blood pressure and depression than any medication could ever do.

Thank you for such a wonderful look into your lives. It is a journey I don't think I'll ever forget.

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Post   » Tue Oct 19, 2004 12:46 am

Thank you. I very much enjoyed reading your pig tales.

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Post   » Fri Nov 05, 2004 4:18 pm

thank you so much for sharing these
stories. keep adding more! :)

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