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She doesn't drink so she gets her water through veggies. She gets a big pile of lettuce (two small hands) (romaine/red leaf/sometimes spinach or kale/butter lettuce), cucumber, pepper, sometimes whey store bought pet grass, and sometimes parsley - twice a day (morning and evening). I leave that for her with also plenty piles of hay (timothy) and pallets (timothy). Also, when I don't think that she had enough fluids I also give a small syringe of water when I get home from work. Every other day she might get a grape or a piece of apple. Also, she begs for yogurt drops which I give her 1-3 a day. They have vit c. And, I give benebec and 2-3 drops of vit C directly through a syringe. Since she had the bayril a month ago, her digestive has been off (but also about 1 month before the baytril), so I am also supplementing with critical care and crushed timothy digestive enzymes mixed in with the critical care.

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Too many veggies. Cut her back to a little more than a cup per day.

Parsley, spinach and kale are very high in calcium. I don't feed any of those to my pigs.

Yogurt drops are no good. Pigs are lactose intolerant, and indeed, they may be the cause of the problems with the poop.

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Tear drop poops may also mean your guinea pig is not eating enough.

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