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Hello. My boar, he is about 4 years old, seems ill. His poops are really soft, not watery though, and they are in big balls. Not formed. and they are smeared all over his towels, which I am constantly changing. I have been giving him his hay, pellets, veggies, ect. He is eating. But i am concerned, because i know that this is not normal. I am told that there are members here that have extensive knowledge on cavy related sicknesses. I hope someone can help my pig. Any help or advice you may have to offer is greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Laura Lynn


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A month or two ago Rogue started having the same problem. After posting here I was told the following: increase her vitamin c intake, continue her normal feeding routine, and sprinkle some dried, plain oatmeal oats on top of the pellets.

Rogue´s poo was barely recognizable in its usual shape and texture, although it was not watery. It also smelled awful!

Looking back, I think the cause of this was this plastic substance she had been chewing on. Luckily I got rid of it and have not had the problem since.

So, try and think if there´s anything that he may be eating that could be causing it, I wish I had.

I was also wondering, could this be impaction? Maybe someone else with more experience could help out here, but it did pop into mind.

Check out the info. on Guinea Lynx as there may be something familiar there. Also, don´t hesitate to take him in to the vet if you are unsure or your intuition tells you otherwise. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

I hope this helps a bit.


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Oh, sorry, it's not Guinea Lynx over here...check out the Cavy Care Guide or the Emergency Guide buttons above.

I've also been told that bananas are good too, but then there was some debate about administering this. If he has not been fed bananas in the past and it is not a part of his routine, then he's better off without it.

Let us know how it goes!


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He loves bananas. Its like his fave. He hasnt had any for a couple weeks though. Ill see if he´ll eat some, and I´ll give him some oats. Thanks!!!

The Board Fairies

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Yes, it still is Guinea Lynx. I guess these are the Guinea Lynx Forums, that is the Guinea Lynx Cavy Care Guide or Emergency Guide.

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