Julian - 5 days old - inverted eye lashes

I GAVE, dammit!

Post   » Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:14 am

Has she accepted them yet? Sometimes it takes a day or two. Try rubbing the babies all over Mom. As silly as it sounds, sometimes she smells a familiar smell and it helps. Hopefully by this morning all is well. If Mom didn't have any babies for more than a day, her milk has started to diminish also, I would imagine.

Knee Deep

Post   » Wed Dec 15, 2004 2:14 pm

She has taken them back.

She wasn't without pups totally, I had her with Julian alone.

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E's Moriarity

Post   » Wed Dec 15, 2004 2:39 pm

Hooray! How's little Julian doing today?

Knee Deep

Post   » Wed Dec 15, 2004 3:43 pm

The same. Tomorrow is his appointment, I hope something can be done for him quickly.


Post   » Wed Dec 15, 2004 4:31 pm

Erin - I've just been to my vet with what I believe is the same problem. At first he thought ulcer, then said a scratch and on closer look saw that fur (or lashes) were growning upwards into eye and very probably causing the problem. He gave ointment for putting into eye 3-4 X/s daily. Gave Neo Poly Bac Ophth ointment.

My piggie born Sat is 4 days old now. This following sounded somewhat strange to me, but I suppose could work - he talked about taking a stitch or 2 at the hair line to make it grow downward.

Hope your piggie gets better. Your pictures look much like when the doctor shined light in my little girl's eye. Only in one eye though. But they both kind of 'float' around. Do you notice that problem?

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Post   » Wed Dec 15, 2004 8:35 pm

I think someone posted that this sometimes corrects itself (it would correct itself fairly quickly). Good luck to you both.

Knee Deep

Post   » Wed Dec 15, 2004 8:47 pm

I'm not sure what you mean by "float around"


Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:05 am

trouble posting - doesn't accept.

just looks like the eye travels up on it's own and you see the white part of eye below and when she looks forward you see the back of the eye where it looks white.

Her brother had same problem. I think instead of inverted lashes, it's whorls of fur growing upward into the eye.


Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:19 am

I guess I just don't have a hang of posting yet. I tried to edit this previous post.

By 'floating around' I just mean it's like she has no control the direction her eye goes.

Knee Deep

Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:37 am

No, his eyes are stable. Just clouded on the top portion from where it getting rubbed by the lashes.


Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 2:53 am

Maybe it is something different, but sounds strangely alike with the blotch on the eye and the similarity of fur/lashes in eyes.

What did you say is being done about it? I admit I don't know a lot about this kind of thing. Just thought our circumstances looked similar (and piggie's ages). I'm concerned about my little girl, too.

In the meanwhile I will just continue the ointment and see Vet Saturday

Knee Deep

Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:22 am

I will find out what is going to be done this afternoon. His appointment is at 4 today.


Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:26 am

I'll be anxious to find out what your vet says.

I hope all is going to be okay. Your vet may have some concerns that I will be able to approach my vet with on Saturday during my follow-up visit.

Good Luck

Knee Deep

Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:37 am

Julian has seen one vet, he had his eyes stained to check for cornial ulcerations. Both eyes are ulcerated.

He's been on BNP for almost a week now, given 4-5 times a day. He can't have the steroid containing ointment due to the ulcerations, those would probably help him more. But it's too late at this point, the eyes need to heal first - probably won't happen until the lids are corrected.

Knee Deep

Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 5:25 pm

He's going in on the 23rd to have his lids corrected with a laser. Dr. Riggs said it's a pretty bad case, that it probably will not correct itself and a temporary tack would be pointless because I'd still have to pay for anestesia, etc and the tack may not last long. I figured so much from what Dribble mentioned, but I thought I'd run it by.

He restained them, he's developing scar tissue over the ulcerations, I guess that's better than it being open for bacteria to settle in.

I forgot to ask what he thought about what sort of vision he'll have left, but I imagine he's going to be partially blind or fully blind depending how things go in the next week before he has surgery.

Little Jo Wheek

Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:06 pm

Poor guy. I'm glad they're doing the surgery quick. Sometimes corneas will heal if given time. It's not like cavies see well anyway!

I Love Lucy

Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:26 pm

Poor little guy. :(


Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:22 pm

I would put my money on a full recovery with no blindness. The eyes are amazing at healing and he's so very young that he may be just fine!

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Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:30 pm

Give little Julian some kisses from me. I hope he does well. How old will he be when he has surgery?

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I GAVE, dammit!

Post   » Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:37 pm

Julian will be 15 days old on the day of the surgery.

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