Are we pregnant?


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SpottyPoo - if you´re an example of who will be in heaven - I sincerely hope to land in Hell.

My goodness - read your post. What a defeatist, superior, bitchy, self-indulgent, platitude spewing vent that was. You can´t even get Evangeline´s name straight. It´s Evangeline - not Angeline. Just too lazy-assed to check the names of those you judge?

Go ahead. Breed your sow. If she dies, it´s God´s will and you can get another one. I guess animal overpopulation is God´s will too. And I guess populating the world with idiots is his will also.

Get on your bike.

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Leebee, those are excellent public service announcements. Putting the innocent animals to sleep is a necessary evil...I guess. If only everyone could see the harsh reality and have a heart!

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Judgemental? In my very first post about this, I asked a simple question. Why does anyone feel the need to breed their pigs when there are so many wanting a home? I asked it again. You feel the need to post about all of us being bitchy, but STILL have not answered the question.

Did you go to the links Leebee posted? Did you look on the CavySpirit site about the horrible conditions of so many pigs? About how dangerous it is to breed your pet? About the life savings that have gone to saving so many pig´s lives? The very thought of pregnancy terrifies me. I can´t imagine one of my sows having to go through that.

Pigpal is right. My guess is you breed your pet because of ego. If there´s another reason, state it here.

If it´s ego, then I want no part of a person like you. Not judgemental. A simple fact.
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I saw SpottyPoo on just a few minutes ago, but I guess she chose not to answer your question, Becky. She´s probably too good for us, anyway.
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It´s always easier to go on the defensive, rant and rave about all of the "bitches" here, than to face reality.

Thoughtful people would give pause. Thoughtful people would look to themselves and ask the hard questions. Seems like way too much work for Spottypoo. Too bad for the pigs.

I GAVE, dammit!

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Spottypoo, I was a breeder. I showed my glorious pigs, bred to get champions, and had a list of people wanting my blacks.

They were gorgeous! My pigs won Best of Breed, American, many times. I bred the blacks and dals, and dabbled in the brokens. One of my boars won Best in Show twice.

You want to see my beautiful blacks? I´ll put a link at the end of this thread so you can see my champions.

Of course, I have a digital camera, I could give you pictures of them today, except for one thing.

They are dead.

Sydney. God, she was beautiful. Won Best of Breed at the Puyallup fair, against 72 other pigs. Bled to death, with three babies inside of her. I found her on a Sunday morning, next to her mate, who was trying to keep her warm. Apparently the babies could not get out, and they drowned on her blood before she hemorraged to death.

Lacey. Won Best of Breed twice, was Sydney´s full sister. She went toxic with her second litter, I had her induced and she delivered 3 beautiful, black, dead babies. She died before we could get the 4th one out.

Milkdud. She was an adorable cream, black and white broken sow. Very timid, but had already had one litter and she was a great Mom! So I bred her to a same colored boar. Got toxic shock 6 weeks into the pregnancy (different than toxemia) and was dead in 12 hours. She was my daughter´s pig.

Bo. Ah yes, Bo. Our tragic mistake. Bo was supposed to be a boy, and we were very inexperienced with pigs. Just a pet, not into breeding yet.
Well, he was a girl. At three months old, she was pregnant. Could not deliver the babies, started bleeding. Rushed her to the emergency vet, who performed a c-section. Her babies were all dead, and she died before coming out of anesthesia.

You see, I used to breed. But I could not stand that the sows have a 1 in 5 chance, at best, of delivering safely. They were all my pets, along with being my "show" pigs. I could not stand around and watch a pet bleed to death. I couldn´t stand to go into the pig room in the morning to find a dead baby, or sow, or both.
I couldn´t stand the pain and expense of trying to save their lives, lives that I put in jeopardy by deciding to breed them.

We all lose pigs. I´ve lost my share from things OTHER than breeding. But, to me, the pain I felt with the pigs I purposely bred DOUBLED combined with the guilt.

I am now adopting out 14 pigs that had been free-range, allowed to breed, that had been confiscated from a house in CA. I can never give the life back to the girls I bred who died because of MY decision. But perhaps I can find loving homes for THESE pigs.

I know that most of these opinions here were made to you AFTER the fact that you had already decided to have babies. Maybe you had no idea of the risk. I sure didn´t. And maybe, now armed with all this new information, if your sow does fine with the pregnancy, and all the babies are alive, then you will come to understand what most people here now know.
Breeding is putting your pet at huge risk. There are thousands of unwanted pets out there needing homes.

Hopefully, something someone here said will at least make you think.

Here is a page of Lacey with her first litter.

this is a page of some of my champions. The baby sow? I sold her to another breeder, she died on her first litter.

The boars? Blackberri died from an untreated URI at another breeder´s house. Crispie is living with one of his orphaned sons, in a forever pet home. The baby he lives with lost his mother and three siblings the day after the birth.

Please, just think.

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For the love of my girls!

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KM... if your story doesn´t make someone at least think... they have rocks in their head.

I´m in tears because I feel your pain. Your pigs were beautiful. I can only imagine watching a pig you love die because of something you did. We try with everything we have to keep them safe and healthy. It goes against everything we feel to put their lives in jeopardy.

I know you will find good homes for your new arrivals! I hope some new owner knows that they are getting a special pig. A pig that could have easily died if it weren´t for caring people like all of the "rescue" people on this board.
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KM - I remember all your pigs and the losses. I was "there" for all of them. Nothing I could do but cry with you. Thank-you for that post. Thank-you for your perspective.

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Post   » Tue Oct 15, 2002 6:31 am

It makes me sad all over again, as though it just happened. I know how terrible you felt.

We don´t make these arguments up. The dangers are real. The one person I met who had guinea pigs before I got mine told me about the female pig her daughter bred for fun. The first litter was fine. She died a horrible death during the second litter.

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Post   » Tue Oct 15, 2002 8:58 am

What a moving post, KM.


Post   » Tue Oct 15, 2002 11:32 am

I, too, remember every one of those deaths. Kleenmama was one of the rare good breeders I´ve heard off. Her show/breeding pigs were also her pets and were not treated differently. She went to great expenses to try to save them, when other breeders would have just left them to die or stuck them in a freezer. These pigs were fed quality food, received vet care and love. Yet, they´re now ALL dead.

Thank you, KM, for that post. I had a lump in my throat remembering your pain and your fear while this was all happening. I´ve shared them way too often. Thank you, also, for giving the CA pigs a chance.

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Kleenmama, thanks for posting that. I´m sure it´s hard to think about it all again.

Spotty, you can´t possibly have a true personal relationship with Christ, otherwise you wouldn´t have posted the comments you did. True Christians don´t act like you do. In fact most people in general wouldn´t have posted those comments.

I GAVE, dammit!

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Thank you Kleenmama for your moving post.

I understand mistakes. I´ve made plenty myself.

It´s people who learn from them and make a change whom I greatly respect.

Thank you for your honesty. I´m sure that post was difficult for you to write. You truly care about the pigs.

Talk is cheap. It´s the actions that truly reveal where the heart lies .
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Post   » Tue Oct 15, 2002 12:54 pm

Kleenmama, you are a very special person.

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I GAVE, dammit!

Post   » Fri Nov 08, 2002 8:20 am

Just came new to this thread, checking up on pregnancy in case Stitch came that way (Man, I could (insert threat here) PetCo right now)... And I saw the Fate cat/Fate dog links.
I cried seeing that. And I LIVE in Atlanta.

Xan wants to get married, go live in utah on some acreage, and adopt every homeless animal we can find.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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Post   » Fri Nov 08, 2002 12:49 pm

You would be so lucky to be able to adopt homeless pets when ever you wanted to and not be limited for space. That would be my dream. I too feel so awful when I read about all of the abandoned homeless animals.
Good luck~


Post   » Fri Nov 08, 2002 1:17 pm

piggielover, I think all of us have a space + time + money equation that adds up to not being able to do as much as we would like to in helping animals. Even the largest rescues wish they could do more.

I think it's important to remember that nobody can help ALL the homeless animals, but if everybody does just a little, we all can be a part of the solution. Even more important is not to contribute to the problem!


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After watching that Dog/Cat Fate thing i found myself enraged, but maybe not for the reason everyone thinks, in California where I live.... animals are not to be buried, in fact it's illegal, it's toxic to the ground, other animals, and it's almost never done right, all of our animals, even the ones brought to the humane societies, if put down, or dies naturally, is to be cremated, through a company, that only cremates animals, the ashes are then spread.

You may now be finding your self asking, how the hell would I know, I work for a vet clinic, and our 80 dollar euthanasia fee, includes, "aftercare" even the local humane society follows these rules, they are the ones who tell us not to let people bury their animals unless in a pet cemetery [which btw is very expensive] just some peace of mind, for those no longer with us.

I personally believe ALL states should do this, it's much more sanitary, and respectful.

I know it seems strange for me to be so up in arms about this, but because of where I work, I've developed a VERY strong respect for deceased animals, and their owners.

A Side Note: almost every animals after passing is put into some short of bag, and put into a freezer, it's to insure each animal is kept separately and the integrity of the animal is NOT compromised.

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It's very odd that you dug up this 4 year old thread and responded to it. How on earth did you find it?

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Post   » Fri Apr 07, 2006 12:32 pm

And not sure what you mean by in CA - there are pet cemetaries. And shelters don't spread the ashes after cremating them. That would be too much expense and work. As mentioned, the bodies are tossed in dumpsters out back and sold to rendering plants.

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