Broken back, thoughts on dealing with broken bones


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I think you goofed again.

Edit: Change it before E catches you!
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Thanks for looking out for me, Peter.

I´ll take my chances though ´cause I love to promote new and different ways to use guinea pig poo. Plus it keeps me on Lynx´s good side and she´s a good one to have on your side when E goes on the prowl.

Back to the back problem...I´m so glad the little guy seems to be perking up!

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I can imagine the horrified looks on the guest´s faces. Though those that really know me, from my side of the family, probably would only shake their heads and say, "There she goes again." My parents told me the other night that they are willing to pay for the recpetion and the rental of the chapel so the favors are back in! Swell parents I have!

Forgot to say I´ll print that info for my vet, Pinta. Happy is doing better. He´s still moving about much but he is eating better, a wider variety, he´s still on the Critical Care and the vet wants to keep him on it while he´s wearing the splint. I took some pics, need to get them developed, and see if I can scan them here at school.
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What a horrible thing to happen. I hope he recovers quickly.

If you´re interested in herbal or Homeopathic remedies have a look a this - its a site about Comfrey - otherwise known as knitbone. I don´t know if you can use it - you may not be able to apply it f hes in so much pain, but maybe further down the line as he starts to heal. Arnica is also really good for bruising.


Post   » Wed Jan 30, 2002 11:02 am

A vet came to see my horse on saturday [shes thrown a splint] that surgery also believe in homeopathy and she recommended Rosemary for another, young horse - apparently it can have a calming effect. May be useful for keeping piggy unstressed?


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There go the magic potions again. *sigh* Should we call you Hermione, now?


Post   » Fri Feb 01, 2002 8:40 am

are you taking the michael?

Even if it doesn´t work - it causes no harm to try - surely anything is worth investigating.

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Post   » Sat Feb 09, 2002 10:24 am

Happy was to the vet last evening. Vet took his splint off and let him walk around to see how´d e´d do. He walked about 6 inches and laid down! She took more xrays and doesn´t see any significant healing. She said it will take at least 8 weeks but probably 12 to completely heal. He´s not wearing the splint anymore. It didn´t rub any sore spots but it rubbed hair from his front and hind legs where the straps went. He´s not to have floor time yet and still to be on towels. We´re to go back in two weeks for more xrays. Just thought I´d share an update. He is off the Critical care though. He weighed in at 3.3lbs. He could actually stand to lose some weight, he was too fat around the middle. Vet said it would be less stress on his back too.

I GAVE, dammit!

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Glad he is hanging in there! Thanks for the update, I was wondering how he was doing.

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