Amigo´s Malocclusion

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Post   » Tue Feb 05, 2002 12:52 pm

Well Amigo is doing ok but I think he has to go back in for some more teeth trimming, I put the chin-sling on backwards yesterday and didn´t realize it until I got home from work now how stupid is that. I have him back on the critcal care because his weight went down again. I´m not real sure when I will get him into the vet but hopefully soon. That´s it for now I will up date again soon .
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Post   » Thu Feb 07, 2002 2:56 pm

Yep both Wickett and Amigo see the doc on saturday

Lynn K

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Post   » Thu Feb 07, 2002 3:31 pm

What is Wickett going in for? I love the name, by the way.

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Post   » Mon Feb 11, 2002 11:15 am

He has the same thing just not as bad as amigo.


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Post   » Mon Feb 11, 2002 11:46 am

Well I was at the vet saturday and he got a good deep teeth trimming but he seems to be addicted to his critical care so he going to have to be weaned off of it hopefully after a few days it will want to eat something else he seems to want veggies when I open the fridge he still tries to climb in the fridge and acts like he wants it but then just kind of looks at the veggies and walks away. My vet said that I should have him back in a month for more trimming and that any sooner would not be very useful because they won´t be as much trimming. I think I will give it a couple of days and see how things go. Please feel free to give out some advice I think I need it I worry about him so much sometimes and then at times I get so frustrated with him. Thanks

Date Amigo
3/11/01 2.4
3/18/01 2.2
3/25/01 2.5
4/1/01 2.3
10/9/01 2.2
10/15/01 2.2
11/15/01 1.15
12/23/01 1.15
1/2/02 2.2
1/13/02 2.2
2/11/02 1.12
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Post   » Mon Feb 11, 2002 3:34 pm

Good luck. It surely is hard to have a pet that is ill and very slowly losing weight. I hope things work out for you and Amigo.

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