What is the best antibiotic for bladder troubles?

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Post   » Sat Feb 09, 2002 8:33 am

Yesterday I noticed one of my girls having a pinkish tinged urine. I didn´t give them anything out of the ordinary that would have discolored it.

I´ve only had my girlies for just over a year, so far with no health probs. I´ve got a vet (though have only needed her for nail trims thus far) and it looks like they´ll be needing a urine sample. Can I attain that at home and take it with me? This is an exceptionally shy and timid pig. I don´t want her going thru any more than absolutely necessary. She isn´t like her sister who goes in and immediately makes it clear to all that she owns the place.

I know that any penicillins are to be avoided. But I cannot recall which has often been deemed best for UTI´s. Is it bactrim?

I´d like to go armed with a bit of info...though this vet does know pigs exceedingly well, she can be a bit pushy and condescending. I´m not wanting to get steam rolled.

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Post   » Sat Feb 09, 2002 10:14 am

Either bactrim or baytril should be fine for a uti if that is what she feels it is. I think Josephine has good results with bactrim -- I had a uti that the vet insisted on giving baytril. After 7 days treatment (all he gave me), she started bleeding again so tried bactrim for I think 10 days to two weeks. If I remember right, uti´s can be harder to clear up and the longer treatment time can help things heal.

Don´t take what I say as gospel -- sometimes it is hard to fight a vet who has a certain drug in mind. I do think bactrim is tolerated better (at least in my pigs). At least one has gone off her feed on baytril. Both drugs are listed in the book I checked a while back. This is all a bit fuzzy, but this is what I remember.

I think getting your pig to pee in a clean plastic container shortly before you leave should give the vet something to test if that is what he/she wants to do.

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