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Post   » Wed Feb 13, 2002 5:03 pm

Someone at CG has posted saying their vet has diagnosed her pig with "a form of syphilis".

Symptoms: "black lips, a furry (not hair) nose and her bits are all dry and cracked, they look very sore."

Vet has treated the pig with "a mild dose" of penicillin (vet recognised that penicillin can be fatal but said the dosage was low and it was the only way to treat it.

They are due to go back next week and she is concerned.

Any ideas, anyone?


Post   » Wed Feb 13, 2002 5:29 pm

If I remember correctly, blue lips/ears/nose means heart problems. Could it be heart problems rather than syphilis?

Maybe Evangeline, Pinta, or someone else can give some more input.


Post   » Wed Feb 13, 2002 5:57 pm

On her site Louise Czupryna lists Oxytetracyline as the treatment for syphilis in guinea pigs.

HOWEVER, she notes that some people consider it unsafe for guinea pigs.
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Post   » Wed Feb 13, 2002 5:58 pm

I have only found a reference of Venereal Spirochetosis (rabbit syphilis) applying to rabbits - nothing mentioning pigs.

One book, Hillyer and Quesenberry, mention that Venereal Spirochetosis is sometimes confused for ringworm. Ringworm does happen to pigs. I have no idea if syphilis occurs in pigs.

Were any cultures done? A flourescent antibody test can be used in diagnosis of Venereal Spirochetosis. There are also other test the vet should be able to look up in his reference material.

Transmission in rabbits is thru direct contact especially mating. The disease is uncommon in most well managed rabbit colonies.

Has Ringworm been ruled out? Have diagnostic tests been done or is the vet basing his diagnosis on past rabbit experience.

Penicillin is bad news for rabbits as well as pigs. I would want a firm diagnosis before using such potentially deadly meds.

I´d really want to make sure it wasn´t ringworm. The culture for Ringworm takes a minimum of 10 days. That will give the pig owner an idea of whether or not the pig was tested for it.


A quick Google search gives info that guinea pigs have been infected with syphilis for research purposes. But thus far it doesn´t seem to be a normal affliction for pet pigs. Hoping to get more info...(the reference to rabbit syphilis was the only reference to syphilis I found).
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Post   » Wed Feb 13, 2002 6:28 pm

Thanks guys


Post   » Thu Feb 14, 2002 2:49 am

So far I can find nothing pertaining to syphilis occurring in guinea pigs.

Perhaps it would be advised to seek a second opinion.

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