Request for ARTHRITIS treatment protocols

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Post   » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:13 am

1 - breed, age and sex of pig

Lucy, an english smooth, 6 year old female pig.

2 - brief description of signs leading you to suspect arthritis

Sitting in a hunched position, puffed out coat, not moving as much, weight loss.

3 - diagnostics done and the results

I was concerned that it was something to do with her tumours (see below). The vet manipulated her hind legs and massaged the lumbar spine and found she was in a lot of pain. They took blood for a separate purpose (to check electrolyte levels because she is on hydrochlorothiaside for calcium in the bladder) and found the levels to be within normal levels.

4 - treatment, med and dosage

Metacam dosage was increased from 0.3 x1 a day, to 0.6 x1 a day.
PT was recommended on the hind legs and lumbar spine

5 - results of treatment

I've noticed a different in Lucy; she is 'lying down' (relaxing) more, spends less time hunched and puffed and seems brighter.

6 - other med issues

Lucy has a number of masses (a tumour on the liver, a tumour on the spleen and a mass on the ovaries).
She has some alopecia after a bout of mites in the household.
She has had recurrent bouts of UTI
She has problems with calcium deposits in the urine.

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