new pig does not like veggies!

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Bugs Mom

Post   » Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:05 pm

Please do keep us updated. Good news so far.


Post   » Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:20 pm

Thanks. I am quite happy! Although first critical feeding was quite a disaster! He did NOT want it at all!! What a mess we made! I did manage to get most of it in him, but he is so squirmy and would not keep his head still. My son ended up holding him while I gave him the rest, or he would not have gotten it. I have done syringe feeding before, but not on a pig that hated it so much. Well, I suppose we will get through it. I am sure it will get easier, or he will figure out that if he eats, he won't need this anymore. I do need to do it for a few days at least. I am ecstatic that things turned out so well. We will get through it day by day. I have used this site alot for a reference on care and medical advice, and I love it, but I wish I had joined the forum a long time ago. It has helped me so much! I only joined a week ago, and have received a lot of good advice and support. Thank you all! I will let you know tomorrow how he is doing. I am sure it will be good.

Let Sleeping Pigs Lie

Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 1:47 am

Sending good thoughts for Junior! I hope he continues to do well.

Do not forget to weigh him daily. :)


Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:58 am

Yeah for a good report on Junior! It surprising for an animal with no neck, how a guinea pig can squirm like a snake to avoid getting anything in a syringe.

My little (permanent) foster girl who didn't like to initially eat veggies also came to me with lice. Luckily I already knew about GuineaLynx and a 3 week quarantine period so my other guinea pigs were okay. At the vet, I could hear her scream all the way down the corridor when she got the first injection. She was quiet during the second one. I think she knew the vet was trying to help.

It's amazing how quickly guinea pig people come to view plentiful poops as a GOOD situation.

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Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:59 am

And it's so hard because all the time they're being bratty and pushing away what they need to eat, they look so cute! Hard to keep forcing the stuff in em and not just cuddle.

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Annie K

Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:10 am

I found with one of my little ones that if I wrapped him in a towel like a baby - a piggy burrito, if you will - that it was easier to syringe feed him. You might still need a second pair of hands, but he did not struggle and stress himself out so much. As I learned the hard way, it is vitally important to keep them eating no matter what, so don't be afraid to be the "bad mommy" for a while. He'll forgive you later when he's munching up the gourmet salad you make for him when he's feeling better!

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Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 12:42 pm

Make sure you do not put them on their back. This might result in aspirating (breathing in) the food. You want them to swallow it.


Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:10 pm

Update today- He still does not want to come out of his house. He sits there huddled up giving me the evil eye whenever I peak at him. He still hates the critical care, but we are plugging away. I do need someone to help me with it. He fights it so. It is amazing how a 2lb animal can be so difficult! I sure hope he starts eating on his own soon. I was told it may take a few days before that happens. As far a holding him during feedings, I have to wrap him up in a towel, and hold him completely upright. We go slow, so he swallows before he gets more.This is the only way I can get it in him. I mixed in his vit. c and some sweet potato, hoping this would taste better to him ,but he says it doesn't. I am so worried about him! I hope he makes it through it ok. I wanted to cry when he got the sub Q fluids and ivermectin. He screamed so loud, it was horrible! I tried mixing carrot in his pellets today. I weighed the dish before and tonight. It does weigh slightly less. Could the liquid from the carrot or apple I mixed in lose enough fluid to make a difference in the weight? His weight is slightly up, not much though. I will keep you updated.

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Bugs Mom

Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:14 pm

Critical care comes in two flavors that I know of. Perhaps you have the one with licorice and that's what he doesn't like. I have a bag in the freezer but it is banana.

Are you wrapping him completely then holding his head in the crook of your arm so he can't move his head? I know there are other ways of force feeding but this is the method that works best for me as I have no one to help.


Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:47 pm

I don't know what flavor it is, but he is not liking anything.
When I take his house out to check for poops, he runs to his water bottle and drinks some, or he goes to his hay rack and takes a few nibbles of hay. If I took his house out and cover the cage completely(I will leave the back open for air), will he think the whole cage is his house? I don't want to stress him out anymore than necessary. I put a bowl of plain pellets in too, along with the ones mixed with carrot. As far as veggies go, he will nibble a bit on a baby carrot, but that is all. I do put him in the crook of my arm, but keep him upright and have someone hold his head so I can get it in. He has done 5 small poops today, and they are dry, dispite his sub Q fluids and drinking. He does not feel bloated or distended at all, which is good. Hope he eats soon!


Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:25 pm

Does it take a few days for them to decide to eat? I am so worried about him! I wish he would eat for me. His weight is stable, I think. It is hard as he moves and the scale fluctuates a bit. He has done about 10 poops today, better than yesterday, but could be better. They are still dry, even though he is drinking. Keep your fingers crossed! Come on Junior! You can do it!

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Bugs Mom

Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:36 pm

Fingers are crossed here. It can take a day or two for them to get the idea (at least with mine!) that, yes, this feeding is going to happen like it or not. Eventually, mine settled down although, in her case, it was taking meds.

The Oxbow Critical Care bag should say what flavor it is on the front.


Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:21 pm

The critical care he gave me is in a med bottle, and I don't believe it says the flavor. I mixed in baby sweet potato,hoping it would help. No such luck. I look like I got in a fight with a cat, and the cat won! He sctatches and bites like crazy after we are done and I put him back in his cage. My arms and hands are all scratched. Oh well.
I don't mind as long as it helps him. He is being really stubborn. I know it has only been 24 hours since he has been home, and I need to relax and give him time. I am stressing alot! I hope things end up ok for him. I don't want to lose him. It will break my heart!
I fell in love with him the minute I saw him! I guess he was just out of his house, but ran back in. This is good! We have one more feeding session before I go to work tonight. I am thouroughly exhausted, and have barely slept in days!

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Bugs Mom

Post   » Thu Dec 13, 2007 10:35 pm

Went back and re-read what has been written and am a little confused at this point. Is he not eating pellets at all or is he eating some?

He's probably never had veggies before so does not recognize them as food. It will take time and patience on your part to get him to accept them.

GPs are real drama queens for the most part. Their skin is quite tough so his yelling at getting a shot and sub-q makes sense. Don't let it bother you as he's really not being killed! When my little one got sub-q's she screamed so loud the entire office heard it. She was just scared and madder than the dickens, not hurt.

Take a whiff of the stuff the doctor gave you and see what it smells like. Have you contacted Oxbow about shipping you some Critical Care? From what I understand they just ask for the name of your vet but don't actually contact him.

Don't forget to take care of yourself. Your little one does not need you to be sick!

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Supporter in '09

Post   » Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:19 am

Try to relax a bit, he will pick up on your stress in feeding him. Take a deep breath.

Have you tried mixing the critical care with some Pedialyte? The fruit flavor is a hit around here, and you can even put it in the water bottle to encourage more fluid intake. I find I do better if I make it very runny and use a 1cc syringe.

I also hold the pig with his back feet touching the table, with my hand wrapped around his middle and supporting their front feet and head. Kind of like they are standing. I have had better luck that way with some that really don't want to eat.


Post   » Fri Dec 14, 2007 10:02 am

I am both weighing and trying to measure his food. By weighing his dish with the pellets and diced up apples or carrots. It is a bit harder to measure it with the stuff mixed in as it sticks to the sides and I can't manage to get every little piece. It seems by weighing that bowl, it is about 1/8 oz. less by the next feeding about 12 hrs later. Whether it is the water content evaporating, or he is eating, it is hard to tell. He is eating some grass, it appears. I have seem him do this. He did 14 poops overnight, most small still, but some a bit bigger, which is encouraging. He is getting his benebac one time daily, and his CC feedings. I put his pellet dish in his house so he does not have to come out of hiding for it. It may take another day or two before he is noticably eating. I talk to him very softly as I feed him, and am calm, but it is after I put him back that I worry so much and start stressing. I know I have to be patient, I just want him to eat normally. He will nibble on a baby carrot sometimes, not all the time though. Well, off to feed the little cutie. Will keep you posted. I can't tell by smelling what flavor the CC is.


Post   » Fri Dec 14, 2007 11:05 am

I bought my pig from the petstore( i am sorry it was before i knew your could adop.) she didn't know what fresh veggie were, it took her almost a month. She would smell them and take a very small bit and run away . I am not sure she ever had them before, but not she squeek any time the fridge door is open. just try to put just a little bit, several times a day and before long she will relieze that it is good. She was also very timid and stillis a little, but me and my daughter would lay on the floor and make a wall and put her in the middle and we would not move or talk and she would check us out and smell us. Now if we lay down, she chews on our hair and give piggy kisses. It just take time


Post   » Fri Dec 14, 2007 11:47 am

I have had scared piggies before, but he definitely wins the scardy cat prize! Feeding went better yet this morning, I was able to do it alone this time. I put him on the table on his towel, and put his hay cube and a few oxbow (cavy cuisine) in front of him. He ate 2-3 pellets on his own, and nibbled on the hay cube, too. We are making progress! His weight was slightly down(1/8 oz), so he probably did not eat much, if any on his own. I weighed his dry pellets w/o the bowl this time. We will see how he does throughout the day. It is slow, but we are on our way! He also climbed on my arm and put his head down as I was talking to him. He licked my arm a few times, too. I will update progerss later today.


Post   » Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:13 pm

I am not a expert at all , but i think i would put white paper towels and not put any fruit in his pellets, since he doesn't like veg and fruit yet , but put some in his cage. I would but hay and pellets in his pigloo and try to leave him alone and let him understand that you are helping and not trying to hurt him. being licked by a gp is like the best thing ever and i have only got it once, when my gp had lice they would not eat or drink, i keep on treating her and offering red apples, ( which she loves) and i left her alone, i would talk to her, but would not handle her and after the third or fourth treatment she licked me and it has made us grow closer, now if you open her cage she trys to jump out to get to me. after reading up on lice, i understand it hurts and they do not understand you are helping, because you are causing them pain by touching them.


Post   » Fri Dec 14, 2007 4:25 pm

I will try that, alto he eats the paper towels. Weight of food still the same. His weight is slightly down again from after am feeding. It is the same as it was before his feeding. I could not find any more poops since this morning. He had done two more after I put him back in, bringing the toal from last night to 16. I hope he goes soon. Come on Junior! Fight, baby, fight! Will update later.

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