Yipes! Poor Nina has a badly swollen foot!

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Get on your bike.

Post   » Mon Jun 02, 2003 12:24 am

Toes that don't spread could indicate bumblefoot?


Post   » Mon Jun 02, 2003 1:03 am

Nonspreading toes would incicate muscle or tendon damage as far as I know.

Lynx - Gemma's toenails dropped off after her spay. She's the one we almost lost when she rejected her interior sutures and developed a massive infection. About 2 weeks after that her toenails started to drop off. My vet thought she'd just caught them on something until she conveniently let one drop while my vet was watching. Dead tissue - dead nailbed. A total mystery.

But the good news is they are all growing back (she lost 5 of her 6 hindfoot nails - front feet were fine). It took a while - 2 only just started growing in the last month and I think her spay was well over 6 months ago. They are growing in very thick and stumpy.

She never showed any pain or difficulty in walking.

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Post   » Mon Jun 02, 2003 7:41 am

Nina walks using her foot just fine. The foot looks great. Does not seem to be swollen and the foot pad looks healthy. Pinta's suggestion of muscle or tendon damage is more like what I was thinking of (could have cut blood vessles and nerves also). It is not startling to have the toenail drop off -- just that it looked so much like she lost the toe itself.

It will be interesting to see if it grows back.

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