EMERGENCY - Cavy swallowed my nosering


Post   » Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:25 pm

Awh, Im so sorry to hear that your nose is sore and your eyes are watery. That is a great thing to post because I never considered a piggy ripping out a piercing.

That is something very good to learn, unfortunally it had to be your lil piggy who had to eat the nose ring. But now if she seems fine, I hope she will be. Wow I just honestly never thought that piercings could be pulled by a piggy. Thank you somuch for posting this. But again Im sorry that it happened to you and your piggy.

You've helped alot of people with piercings be a little safer just in case that can happen with thier piggies.
Keep on spoiling her and giving her tons of hay and roughage and check the poopies. Keep us posted. Good Luck.

Let Sleeping Pigs Lie

Post   » Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:50 am

I hope Daisy is still doing well, and that she passes the nose piercing soon and safely.

It can be helpful to know the signs of pain before they happen:

Weighing your girl daily during this time will help to ensure that she is eating enough to maintain her weight:

This thread briefly discusses cavy "food pockets", if you are interested:
Rocky's Abscess

"What would be something good I could give her with lots of fiber."
Grass hay is an excellent source of fiber for guinea pigs. It will keep her G.I. system moving and also keeps her teeth in shape.

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Post   » Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:28 pm

anxiously waiting to hear about this!!


Post   » Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:31 pm

Jus wanted to let you know... we are a few days out now, and Daisy is just fine. I moved her back to her normal pen.. She is playing and fussing and being her normal little self.

She seemed more annoyed by being moved to the smaller pen than by anything she ate...

I have been on poop patrol (its been named that now) and she doesnt SEEM to have passed it.. but I just wonder if I just missed it. Or if she just spit it out.

But yeah... shes ok. She's being a little stinker. Shes in there fussing right now because she hasnt got a tshirt in her pen. She heard the fridge door open too.. and nothing for her came out.. tsk tsk on us.. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! hehehehe

Anyways. thanks for the concern and advice.

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Post   » Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:41 pm

Glad all is good so far.

I guess if it were lodged in there, the flow of poop would stop, right? (i'm no expert)


Post   » Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:30 am

Yeah thats basically what the doctor said. He said if it didnt cause blockage, it would be either diarrhea or bloody, depending on where it was in the track. Either way, she would be acting like she felt crummy or in pain long before it became fatal.

And just FYI.. he seemed to feel that most of the time, he could do a scope and remove any object and cauterize it, unless it was just a freaky shape or size. He said rarely do they have to do a full surgery for something they ate, unless its an organic blockage (ie. too much calcium causing stones, ect)

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