Patch´s trip to the vet.

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Post   » Sat Mar 23, 2002 2:27 pm

Patch was to the vet today. It was not my regular vet and she said some things which concerned me. She listened to Patch´s lungs and heart first. She didn´t do a real physical exam, didn´t check anything but his eyes and that spot on his back where he had lost fur before. She said she heard nothing and it she doubts it´s anything. I don´t think a vet should doubt, she sound be as certain as she possibly can. She said it was probably bronchical spasms and it´s something that could happen for the rest of his life and be non-life threatening. That´s fine, I thought it might be something like that but I wanted her to do x-rays anyway, for my peace of mind. She said they weren´t necessary but I talked her into them. She said there were no white spots, no fluid in the lungs or around the heart as best she could tell. She went on to say that asthma is guinea pigs is nothing like the human kind. I´m all too familiar with the human kind and can´t understand how it would differ. Simply put it´s an iflammation of the bronchial tubes that makes breathing difficult and sometimes impossible. How can asthma in pigs be any different? She said pigs don´t take meds for asthma. I didn´t try to tell her about your pig, Pinta. She doesn´t know that I use the internet for resources like my regular vet. She said it´s not like you can give them a fast acting inhaler. While I can understand that what triggers asthma in pigs could be different, grasses, hay, dusty bedding, etc... I don´t understand how it´s any different. Is she correct? She simply told me to write down how often it happens and how serious sounding the wheeze is and if it increases in frequency to come back for more x-rays. I really do think it´s just a wheeze that he periodically has, not asthma or a heart related issue. His lungs really were clear on the xray, I don´t know how she could see if there was fluid or not around his heart, it wasn´t very clear and oh so tiny! Anyway, that´s my update.

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Post   » Sat Mar 23, 2002 3:57 pm

No personal experience. I wonder if Josephine has also treated asthmatic pigs. I hope you get advice that can help. It certainly sounds like you are making every attempt to be thorough. Had she ever treated any asthmatic animal (dog, cat)?
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Post   » Sun Mar 24, 2002 9:46 am

She said she´s treated horse´s for asthma like conditions. She said guinea pigs and horses are very similar.

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Post   » Sun Mar 24, 2002 5:35 pm

Yes, you can treat cavy asthma!

I have!

Steroids are usually the first course to get them under control. Dexamethasone is the usual drug since it has long and short-acting properties. Bronchial dilators such as terbutaline or allbuterol can also be used. Aminophylline can also be used, but it has more cardiac effects. I used terbutaline 0.5 mg BID on my 900 gram, seven-year old sow. Her eating picked up, attitude improved (acted like a young pig again), and the noise went away completely.

If asthma was suspected, I would certainly switch to a low-allergen/low- dust bedding such as towels/polarfleece or a paper bedding such as Carefresh. Then, I would treat symptomatically as long as x-rays looked normal and a heart problem was not suspected. I also like to do bloodwork just to make sure everything else is working properly, but there are varying views on the diagnostic ability of general bloodwork in cavies.

Cavies are more similar to horses than cats or dogs. I´m not sure what your vet meant about cavy asthma being different than human asthma or other animals´ asthma. As far as I know they are more similar than people would like to admit. The treatments are certainly similar (in fact both bronchodilators I´ve seen used in cavies are human-approved drugs).

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Post   » Mon Mar 25, 2002 8:42 am

Yep, albuterol is the generic brand of what I use for a fast acting inhaler. At this point, I don´t think asthma is the culprit but I wanted info just in case. Thanks.

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