Pregnant and din't know and now have 3 babies.Please help :(

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Pooja Mehta

Post   » Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:42 pm

I am sorry but I am not able to upload pictures :(

There are no signs of infection. The swelling which I thought would be a matter of concern is actually the dead skin which is very hard and have started peeling off. Cupid's wound is also healing and new skin has started to come.

He is eating and pooping normally. Should I stop giving him antibiotics and probiotics? Today was his eleventh day of surgery.

Also once the new skin comes completely, should I apply some ointment or anything on the fresh skin? Can I put him back in his original cage with Sandy? They are both sad without each other :(

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Post   » Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:03 pm

If you have any, you can email them to me and I can post them. Be sure to include your board name:


It sounds like he is doing pretty well. Perhaps you can double check with your vet and then stop with the antibiotics and probiotics if they are no longer needed.

Leave the skin to air. I would not apply ointment.

Pooja Mehta

Post   » Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:45 pm

Lynx, thank you so much. I will email you the pictures tomorrow.

We don't have an exotic animals vet here and I would listen to you people than him. So should I stop giving him antibiotics and probiotics then?

Also should I still continue cleaning his wound with Betadine solution or it is not required now?

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Post   » Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:59 pm

I don't know if you need to keep cleaning or rinsing the wound with a Betadine solution but it likely would not hurt. What does it look like now? Is it pretty well healed? Has it healed from the inside out?

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Post   » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:08 am

I received your photos.

I am concerned your vet did not do a very good job with this. What I would have expected is a complete excision of the lump and sewing up the skin so it can heal. It looks to me that this is not going to heal on its own and not enough matter has been removed.

Hopefully someone else who has had a similar problem can comment. Your post surgery pictures remind me of abscesses/lumps/problems that have burst at the surface and look pretty awful. They do not resolve unless the whole problem area is removed and it is sutured shut. I think the problem is deeper in the skin.







Here is an example of what one poster's guinea pig looked like after this burst and before removal. Top one is with crusty exhudate, bottom one is cleaned off but this is still not going to heal that way:



Pooja Mehta

Post   » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:01 am

Oh my God!! I thought he is becoming fine because he is eating and pooping normally. My poor baby :(
What should I do now? Should I wait for the wound to heal or visit some other vet immediately or something else?

Should I continue giving him antibiotics, probiotics and a Betadine solution rinse?

I just saw that he has some blood on his new skin, probably due to his scratching or biting there. What should I do to prevent this from further happening?

Someone please please help. I am very scared right now.

Pooja Mehta

Post   » Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:10 pm

Cupid removed his dead skin entirely and now his wound is covered with a lot of blood. What should I do to stop the blood? Can I apply something on it, so that he doesn't bite his wound any more and there is no more blood also?

Please help me. Please :(

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Post   » Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:24 pm

You need to see a vet who will cut that area out, put a drain in (probably), and give you the solution to flush it out with.

You could try cutting off the top of a sock and cut holes in it for his legs and putting it on him to see if that will keep him from scratching and biting. But you'll have to watch him like a hawk to keep him from eating the sock or getting his claws caught in it.

Sorry you're having trouble with your piggy, and I know that good vets are very hard to find where you are. I hope you can come up with someone who can help him.

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Post   » Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:10 pm

The other pictures came from the thread my post below was on:

Note my post just above and this link:

What I am wondering is if this was a cyst and if the vet actually could have removed the whole thing but kind of removed half of it (look at the photo on that page that shows the center of the cyst - it seems to resemble your pig's open area).

I was trying to track down some other posts on this problem. It may be that not all causes are the same. That post seems to imply she left it instead of having it surgically removed. She never followed up with more photos of the outcome :-(

Pooja Mehta

Post   » Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:49 pm

bpatters, I am scared for another surgery so soon. It has been only 13 days since his first surgery.
I have a nylon/polyester sock. Would it be good for his skin and would covering his blood-covered wound be ok?

Lynx, I don't really know if it was a cyst or no but the vet had said that he had removed a lot of cheesy puss and dead tissues from Cupid's wound. Should I go to another vet tomorrow and get it removed or wait for it to heal and then check for the recurrence of the lump?

Cupid is eating normally now but I am worried about he biting his wound and removing more blood from it :(

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Post   » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:49 pm

I think you need a second opinion. I am NOT the most medical person here and am only giving you a lay person's opinion. None of my guinea pigs has had this condition.

I do think a second opinion would be worthwhile.

The surgery should have been relatively superficial (only the skin was involved, not internal organs). If you have vets who can properly anesthetize guinea pigs with a safe inhalant gas and the anesthesia is monitored, it should be safe.

I think your vet just did not remove enough matter. But I only have your photos and the impression that more should have been done.

I hope anyone who has had experiences with this sort of skin issue will post.

Pooja Mehta

Post   » Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:34 am

It is very difficult to find a vet who is an expert in guinea pigs here. I normally gather all the advice and information I get on this forum and try to help the vet with it.

I don't want Cupid to go through another surgery so soon. I have even stopped giving him antibiotics and probiotics for the fear of hurting him by force feeding him.
But can I clean/rinse his fresh skin with a Betadine solution inspite of his blood on it (due to biting) to prevent any infections?

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Post   » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:54 pm

I wrote another knowledgeable poster and asked her to look at this thread. She was unable to post here but felt I was correct that it does not look right.

Is there any way your vet could consult with another vet? Your excellent photos could be sent to that vet, along with a synopsis of what was done when. Could you gently suggest that there is still matter that needs to be removed?

If you are not seeing this heal up, this means it was not treated correctly.

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Post   » Tue Dec 10, 2013 5:15 am

Ditto Lynx on all counts.

Keep it clean (weak Betadine solution is fine). IMO only you need another vet (and I know how difficult that is for you).

If I had to guess (and this is a guess only, I am NOT a vet, nor tech, nor veterinary professional in any way), the vet cleaned it out and cleaned it up, and expects it to heal the way something similar would on a dog.

Here's the problem: cysts, abscesses and the like on guinea pigs (and I suspect other prey herbivores) do not form or heal the way they do on carnivores. The cyst (if that's what it is) will have permanent walls of tissue (for lack of a better word) that will continue to produce exudate. "Cheesy pus" indicates infection; this usually has a bad odor. Epithelial (skin-type) goo generally does not have an odor, but it can be every bit as thick and cheesy.

The entire cyst or abscess needs to be surgically removed -- walls included, that's the important part -- to keep it from reforming and regrowing, and refilling. That's why we're all urging you to get it surgically removed if you can do so competently and safely.

Any surgery is risky with a guinea pig, but non-invasive surgeries such as this, that do not invade the body cavity, are generally less so than surgeries that do involve the body cavity.

Don't be afraid to medicate and handfeed him. The spot may ooze; clean it gently but don't not handfeed him for fear of hurting him. Be gentle and careful, but that spot does not cause him as much pain as something that looks like that would on us. He needs the food, meds and probiotic.

Mumbai is a major, major city. There has to be someone there that can competently take care of him. Your challenge will be to find them, and again, I know that will not be an easy task. As Lynx mentions, perhaps someone who is willing to try, with support, consultation and guidance, may be your best bet.


Post   » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:18 am

I won't respond on the issue of the cyst itself as there are far more qualified people here than I. However, Mumbai and all of India for that matter is a major home for international pharmaceutical companies with major R&D facilities in Mumbai. I would try to contact some of the R&D people to see if they can't recomend someone. A lot of these companies have community outreach people employed who you might be able to contact first and expalin your problem finding a vet.

I know it will be challenging to get someone on the phone and then to talk to you but I would try. You may have to make a lot of phone calls, get a lot of rejections but eventually I think you could find someone willing to give you a name of a competent vet

This looks painful for your pig and I wish you good luck getting him treated.

Pooja Mehta

Post   » Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:23 pm

I have started cleaning Cupid with the diluted Betadine solution again.

I was in the same room when the vet was working on Cupid and there was no bad odour (I had covered my eyes as I couldn't see Cupid in pain). But the vet did say the puss was very thick and white and he had removed the dead tissues also. I am assuming it was the Epithelial goo.

I have been to more than ten vets with my guinea pigs and have spoken to seventy odd vets. In fact, the vet who did Cupid's surgery was recommended to me by a vet of an Institute of Research of Medicines on guinea pigs. He is the Head of the research department. The best of the vets here will say they have worked on guinea pigs and know everything but when you go there, the scenario is the complete opposite. I guess I will have to double my research time in finding a good vet for my piggies and I will definitely do it for them.

I will wait for few more days for the wound to heal more and till that time, hopefully I must have found another good vet. Cupid will also be relaxed by then and he will be ready for another surgery also.

Cupid is eating as much as my other guinea pigs. He is pooping also normally. Should I still give him antibiotics and probiotics?

GPIG, Thank you. You have given another direction to my search for a competent vet for my piggies. I know a few people in the pharmaceutical sector. Perhaps, I could start with them.


Post   » Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:04 am

Here are my thoughts:

If I am seeing the pictures correctly, the wound appears to be healing. However, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that is the case:

Feel the wound with the back of your hand, and compare it to the surrounding area. Be sure to feel under the hair. Be sure to wash your hands before and after handling Cupid!
Does that area feel warmer? If so, it may indicate infection.

Light press around the wound, and check for discharge. If there is discharge, what color is it? Anything besides clear fluid is no good. Blood may be alright, provided it is pure blood with nothing else mixed it.

When you clean with betadine, what is Cupid's reaction like? Does he cry?

I would start using topical neosporin. Neomycin is harmful if ingested, but can work wonders when used topically, because their skin responds to it well. Neosporin will also decrease any itching associated with the healing. Some members are comfortable using it sparingly, some do not use it at all. The choice is yours. I have had good experience with it, but always keep an eye to make sure it is not licked off.

ETA: Could you please explain the first picture?

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Post   » Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:21 pm

Neomycin must be applied very very thinly to decrease the possibility of licking it off.

Pooja Mehta

Post   » Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:46 am

Thank you Pimpinpuji and Lynx for the help.

According to me, Cupid's wound area is a little warmer than the surrounding area but my friend feels it is not. Cupid shows no other skins of infection (discharge, foul smell) and the wound is also healing.
Should I be concerned? What should I do for the infection? (I don't want to take any risk)

The first picture was before the surgery.

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Post   » Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:47 am

If it is actually healing, that is wonderful.

What you would do is continue to keep a close eye on it for any signs of infection.

You are welcome to send me more picture updates through email if you wish to and I can post them here.

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