Muffin has a lump

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Post   » Thu Apr 04, 2002 5:31 pm

Apologies this got posted twice by accident.

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Post   » Thu Apr 04, 2002 5:43 pm

Hi, Zoay. It looks like the board software or the site is messing up the posts.

I wrote you but don´t know if you got it. The duplicate post you put up was empty (no text -- don´t know how this can happen) and this one didn´t describe your problem.

I had moved both of the posts to the maintenance forum to be deleted later and hoped you would try to post again. Since you haven´t posted, I´m sticking this back in hopes you will be able to describe your problem on this thread.

Sorry it has been difficult to get your question posted.

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Post   » Thu Apr 04, 2002 7:30 pm

I think Jackie might be Zoay -- this was posted on Acme -- forgive the crosspost if I´m wrong!!!

Earlier today I noticed that Muffin, a male, neutered, almost 2 years old, house guinea pig, has a lump. It’s on his abdomen, just proximal to the left nipple. The lump is about 3x3 cm, and soft. I half wondered if it was an abscess, but it’s not hot or particularly red and does not seem to be tender to touch. If it were on a human, I would wonder if it were a lipoma. He is eating well and acting normally. I’ll ring the vets in the morning, but would be glad of any of your ideas. Thanks,


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Post   » Thu Apr 04, 2002 9:16 pm

A vet sounds like a good idea. I imagine people mentioned the possibility of a fatty deposit , a sebaceous cyst. Other than an abscess or a more rare cancerous growth, that´s the only other thing I can think of. I think I posted a picture of Pinta´s lumpy pig. I´ll see if I can track it down.


I tracked down the picture of the lumpy pig and a description of some lumps in another that turned out to be sebaceous cysts (I think). Check out this thread:
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