Choochi's ongoing eye problem


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Thanks Hilary and Lynx, can't wait to get him to the vet, the nice thing about my vet is I can email him all my questions ahead of time so that the visit is thorough and productive, cross your fingers! :) Thanks so much. Lara


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Does anyone happen to have any more pics of ringworm around the eye besides the Lynx guide and Sportsbilly's post? I don't think it's ringworm but I do see some whiteness around the eye, I am driving myself crazy.... Thanks. L
I have looked all over the web and also at articles from vets who specialize in opthamology, I'm still at a loss unless its cunjunctivitis on top of something else. The thing is, none of my 3 other piggies are showing any signs. Thanks everyone. L

Hilary Holmes

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I don't have any pictures of ringworm, but think you have answered your own question. Ringworm anc conjunctivitis are (usually) highly contagious. None of the others are showing symptoms which I would have thought ruled out those conditions. IMHO.
Sounds like you have a good working relationship with your vet. So important at times like this especially.


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Well, that's a HUGE sigh of relief! Thank you!!!!!!!!! Yes, my vet is conservative but considered one of the best all around the bay area where I live. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) L and the gang


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I keep trying to think of anything I have done differently, I did change my hay, but to KMS, and that was 2 months ago, I did stop drying my fleece (line dry instead because it's summer), but that was 2 months ago as well. I did move 8 months ago and this place is definently more dusty and not as kosher, but I keep the habitat spotless clean, use vinegar and non chemical/scent detergent (although I can't control who used the washers before me and they won't let me put a w/d in my unit) so I can't track anything. Thanks again, you are all a godsend since this is just making me batty! :) L

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Line drying fleece is good. The sun kills things.


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Chooch's mysterious health and teeth

First, thank you for the help. I'll try to keep this short, but offer some history. I used to write for The Guinea Pig Magazine, have a sticky on Guinea Lynx Forum and have combed the internet for answers. Some info: Chooch, boar, almost 6 years, long history of health issues, from teeth, untreated pneumonia as a baby before I got him, which left him with a head tilt and extra calcification in his ears, which cause draining issues, Baytril intolerant, an abscess, a stone, an abscess behind his eye, which only zythromax killed, I tried EVERYTHING else, advanced but controlled Conjunctivitis. Tooth issues started I'm guessing 3 years ago, only one upper incisor left, all others have stopped growing, received molar trim, the list goes on and on and on. Chooch gets his incisor trimmed and molars checked every 3 to 4 weeks (and a check over)so its not too short or too long, very very difficult window. NEW PROBLEM: constant draining eyes, especially when eating, very difficult to eat hay, itchy and dirty draining ears. Have researched everywhere, did like pysios thread on elongated roots, but we are not satisfied it's that. I live in a studio apartment so I see and hear everything. Ears drops didn't help, eye drops didn't help, cleaning ears barely helps. He has always had digestive problems, gets critical care, all organic veggies, minced or very thin spaghetti sliced which is hand fed. Put out in a 4x6 run 6 days a week, lives with 2 sows. Lives in a 2x9 cage, open hidies, great bedding, washed with vinegar, good circulation in cage,cleaned 6 days a week, fresh hay twice a day. Tried 1st, special soft 2nd, regular 2nd, 3rd cut Timothy, orchard grass, all failed, so went back to our regular 2nd cut. Excellent Exotic Vet, no mites, uri, heart fine, etc. Kms pellets(which he can't really eat anymore and won't eat mashed or ground in any form, on very low dose of Metacam, on an excellent pro biotic, excellent hay, bedding changed 6 days a week, syringe fed, will eat a little c care if put out as mush, but very little. Praying the last incisor doesn't stop growing. He is a fighter, survivor, lots of energy, but I don't know and can't find the source of the eye and ear problem. Tried a chin sling, didn't work. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks soo much,
Lara and Romeo (aka Chooch) Berthiaume
Chooch is also weighed daily, weight fluctuates with teeth. He doesn't eat anything on his own besides minimal hay (lots offered) and wheatgrass, I syringe and feed. He really loves life still. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lara and Romeo

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I posted on the closed thread:
You mentioned elongated roots which I would have looked into. They can be upper or lower molars that are elongated. You did not mention having an xray. Has one been done recently?


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Thanks Lynx, chooch barely survived the anesthesia from the molar trim and a ct scan was suggested, vet did not endorse and he is one of the best. Molars look good, checked every 3 weeks.

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Good to see you again, wenton5.

Ditto Lynx. I'd want to find out about elongated roots.


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Thank you bpatters, anyone have any similar experience? I've read all the elongated roots threads, especially psyios.


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I'd love a happy story about elongated roots, many of them don't seem to be. Thanks again.
Lara and Romeo Berthiaume

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Unfortunately, elongated root problems don't usually end well.


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Thank you soo much for your reply bpatters, I appreciate it a lot. I've been examining a lot of avenues, including being prepared, and, quality of life, for, the love of my life. Still hoping for miracles and answers. 👩🚀🙏😚

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chooch barely survived the anesthesia
Have you asked your vet to just lightly gas Romeo and do teeth and if he wakes lightly gas him again? Jessie needed teeth filed every 2-4 weeks and this is how the vet did it.

Jessie would wake up with in minutes and be her old self and this was done for 3 years. Jessie had elongated roots she lived 4 years with them. Vet would file teeth to gum line.

Wishing you and Romeo luck! Good to see you back!


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Thanks Daissy, not a bad idea, half the problem was recovery. If I had $2000, I would go for a ct scan anyway. My vet thinks it's not roots, no bumps, no lumps, molars behaving, able to chew spaghetti thick sliced carrot, (with help), and, the new problem has been going on for at least 6 months. We will revisit doing xrays again.
Thanks love. ❤

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