severe mites--need Dex dose quick


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CP, I see what you mean on hating humans, that makes me sick! I dont have a cc, but can I mail something? A donation?? Stupid bastard!


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sure you can, kj. Just email me.

Thanks everyone, for your kindness. We'll get them some Torb tomorrow and maybe some more Dex. Then maybe some fleece so they don't have to lie on the rough shavings.

They started wheeking for food when they heard the other pigs at veggie time. Poor things. You can tell by their voices that they are weak. I did see one of them drinking water and they ate the veggies I gave them.

I'll post an update tomorrow (thanks to ChunkyPiggies, who is letting me use her email account).


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wherewas this petco at ? that's how bad patchy looked when i first got him! Such a shame on those people!

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Good God, Chary. No wonder you needed that Dex dose quick last night.

How anyone could let anything get to that condition...can we beat those people, please?? Better yet, lets give them a good case of sarcoptes, and not treat them for a year or so.

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I GAVE, dammit!

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Good God, Chary. Good luck with these guys. I've never seen anything so horrible or pathetic.

Um, if I HAD any money, you know I'd send you some. But I'm pretty much in the same boat you are. :=(

I GAVE, dammit!

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I'm afraid a tube might rub continuously and stick to the open sores. CAn you somehow fashion little booties you can put over the back feet, then tape them on? The back feet are doing the damage, they can't reach much with those little front legs.

I would cut off the fingertips of a cotton glove and slide those over the rear feet, then tape them at the upper leg.

What a friggin mess. Those poor animals.

You are more than welcome for the hay. Seems like it came just in time.


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That's how bad patchy looked when i got him in June!
Patchy face in Mid June

Patchy Face in August

Patchy and his mites-getting patched up in June-after 2 baths- 2 ivo shots looked way more worse than this

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You can also use gauze and vetwrap on the back feet. The gauze would buffer the feet from contacting the vetwrap (I don't think Nina's skin did well with direct vetwrap contact). The vetwrap is very cheap and sticks to itself. A collar of non-stretchable tape at the ankle would also secure it.

Take a look at these products on if you're not familiar with them.

I would just bandage the foot itself and secure at the ankle if you don't think the vetwrap would do it.

I GAVE, dammit!

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Since the pigs are so sensitive and in such pain, I was trying to come up with what would be a quick fix with the least amount of handling.

Sliding on glove fingertips and a quick tape seemed the fastest. Wrapping the feet like Lynx suggested would work just as well, I just know for me, it would take more futzing with the pigs. When I clip nails, I hold the pig with their back to my chest, and their little back feet are just hanging out there.

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Yes, anything to prevent them from scratching. I really hope these pigs pull through. You are giving them a chance to make it and that means alot (from a misplaced post, leebee had mentioned T's using valium for the pain . Valium is also an appetite stimulant and might help these pigs if it can be used with steroids).


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Chary - that first photo scared me it looked so much like Maggie May sitting in the background. The following photos look like they have fresh skin or is there alot of yeast buildup as well? It is hard to see.

I did sweaters (children's sock) for the first few days, but have now switched to a very effective wrap. It is so much more comfortable for Pumpkin and there is no pulling it on and off over their head while it hurts. It also doesn't stick to the fabric of the sock and will allow you to cleanse the sores, treat them if your vet wants you to and keep her from scratching.

If you decide to wrap their feet, I have had the best luck (on a piggie with bumble foot) to use a piece of gauze wrapped up with a piece of vetwrap. She kept it on; however, she didn't have the urge to scratch herself either. She kept it pretty still.

If you would like, I can email you a photo of Pumpkin in her wrap if that would help you. It is just basically sterile gauze with a layer of really soft gauze stuff over it (not sure what it is called, but is thick and soft) and then vet wrap around the middle (like a belt) and looping through her armpits like Crazy 8s. She has kept it on for 2 days now and it is not even worn where she scratches at it. It gives her complete relief as she never screams while scratching anymore.

As far as people being surprised that this happened in someone's care, I am not one ioda surprised. I find that when I take in individual owner turn ins they are in far worse shape than any of the piggies that I took in from that 150 recovery last October.

I have to get busy and may not be checking my email as often today (cage cleaning day), but shoot me an email if you want the photo and I can email it back to you.

Good Luck with these babies, I know how busy you are and also how badly they need you. Keep up the good work.

Get on your bike.

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Chary and I missed each other last night and this morning so she dropped them off at the vet this morning. They have been eating vegetables and some cavy performance....yeah. They hadn't been eating any pellets before. They've received some Torb I think she said. She also said they smell really bad so I don't know if that could be yeast build up or dying tissue. They are very malnutritioned, scurvy, don't eat hay. The pair lived in that bird cage. I think she said 12x12".

They came from a family that had absolutely no empathy for animals. They were not a poor family that couldn't afford basic care living in a fairly expensive area. They were just the type of people that were unfeeling, uncaring. I hope charges are brought against this family.


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Thanks for the advice on wrapping, everyone. I will get some vetwrap on my way home.

Critterluv, they don't have an inch of fresh skin anywhere. They are covered with exudate--a gritty, oozing mess. Those big scabs opened up about an hour after I took those pictures so they look even worse.

They are at the vet now. They would not eat anything but veggies last night, however I just called the vet's office and they said they are chowing on Performance (I only had Cuisine at home). They are giving them some Torb too. The appointment is not until 4 p.m. (in 6 hours) but really there's not much else that can be done for them in the meantime.

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critterluv02, if your pics are really clear, it would be great to add them to the bandaging information I have on . I don't have a pic of the gauze and vetwrap on the feet either (what I also suggested).

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Oh God. They are worse than Thumper and Acorn were. I would not do any sock. Too painful. I did some valium injections to get them to calm down and not want to scratch as much. Did that for a few days until the ivermectin had a chance to kick in. I never got the foot wrapping to work and handling them to do it was extremely painful to them. I found the valium injections to be the path of least resistance, most gain. But, we still went through a few days of them tearing my heart out.


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Lynx - I think they turned out pretty clear. I will email them to you for you to decide. I don't have a foot wrapped right now, but when I get time this evening, I will wrap one up and photograph it for you.

Perhaps, you can put one of these photos up or let Chary know where to find it in case she wants to do the wrap on her little ones. Pumpkin surely has been much more comfortable since having it on and you don't have to handle them too much to do it. Just a little lifting to pass the wrap underneath them. I think it is well worth it.


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Ok, I am a numb head. I do not see that I can send any attachments using the email in your profile. Can you send me your email address so I can send these photos to you? Is there a different way you prefer I do it? I am not very computer savvy so please keep it simple.


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I'll put it up as son as I notice it in my mailbox.
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Those poor piggies... looks like they've really been scratching bad.
I hope they will be okay... I've seen some piggies before, not quite as bad, but raw and bleeding on one side, and they made it after their owner brought them to the vet.
But much of it will be determined by if the piggies still have the will to live.


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T--would you really inject into skin that painful? I'm afraid that it would be agony for them. They are getting Torb orally--shouldn't that be enough? I think the issue is not with them calming down; they are actually pretty lethargic. They just sit hunched over with their eyes half closed shuddering most of the time. But I will ask the vet if he thinks an injection is in order. Getting them to stand still for a second is next to impossible when you try to touch them as they cry out in pain and jump away.

I want to thank everyone for their support and donations--we are overwhelmed and touched.

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