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Post   » Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:12 am

Hello again everyone. It seems I have another eating issue on my hands. Mr. Bear seemed to perk up after a while of missing Mr. Pig but about 2 days ago I noticed he wasn't eating as much as usual. Then today it barely looked like he touched his pellets. He seems to be eating his hay and he was gobbling down his fruit just fine. So I was sitting with him today trying to get him to eat fruit and chopped veggies. He ate some with me and now he is in his cage gobbling it up. But he still won't touch his pellets. They are the same brand as I have always fed him, Oxbow, and they do not expire until 2019. I am worried because he always eats everything. When I was sitting with him and looking for signs of discomfort I found a matt near his butt. I shaved it off and now its all gone. I also gave him a bit of a trim, he's VERY long haired, in case that was causing him pain.

I also noticed that he seems to have lice again. I did fully get rid of them last time but somehow they have found their way back. I'm assuming that would be the biggest offender? perhaps he is itchy and distracted? But then why is he not having trouble eating anything else? Could his teeth be overgrown? I tried to look but I just can't get hi to open his mouth big enough to see the molars. If everyone thinks it is the lice, I will just start him on the same routine I used to get rid of them last time. However, I don't want put him on meds if there is a bigger issue it could interfere with.

I also felt his belly to see if it was tight, but its just as squishy as ever.

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Post   » Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:24 am

You need to post this on your original thread about Mr. Bear.

You will need to hand feed and retreat for lice.

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