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Post   » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:49 pm


It's my first post here and my saddest. My 4.5 year old piggy (he is a rescue and I've always suspected he was older as he had boar bottom from the start). My little bear is all lumpy. I took him to the vets yesterday and he agreed with me that it looks like cancer of the lymph nodes. We have taken a biopsy just in case (as he was being treated for a dodgy tooth) but the vet says he has never seen all the lymph nodes up with just an abscess. I should get the results tomorrow.

I spotted the lump under his chin last week (it took a while to get in with the small animal vet), I'm sure it wasn't there before but I'm beating myself up in case I missed it. By Saturday there were 3 distinct lumps, by Sunday I couldn't feel the lymph nodes on the other side of his neck, today I could feel them in front of his back legs (the vet couldn't feel them yesterday).

Surely it can't be happening this quickly? Apart from being a little tired and unusually cuddly he is his usual self. How long do we have left? Is there anything we can do to ease his last weeks (or days). I'm heartbroken.

Katie xx 😢

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Post   » Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:22 pm

I am sorry to hear he is ill. I would not give up yet. It may be an infection that is present in multiple locations, in which case the right antibiotic could help. Whatever course of treatment the vet takes, make sure you weigh daily and are ready to hand feed if his appetite fails.

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