Guinea pig squeaking and arching back when peeing, only pees a few drops

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Post   » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:38 pm

Please help me, I'm terrified right now.

My boar, Finn who's about 2-3 years old has been acting strangely since about last night, I noticed him squeaking a lot but I thought it was because the other pig, Simon was trying to mount him, however, today during lap time after his bath he tried to pee and he had a lot of trouble, he was arching his back and squeaking and he only peed a few drops and not a puddle like he normally does, I thought it was because he had just had a bath and sometimes the water scares him and he pees in the bath, but when I checked to make sure, he was still only peeing a few drops.

There is so blood in his urine and he doesn't have any white substance in it that would point to stones, but I'm still terrified that's what it is.

He had bumblefoot a few weeks ago, and he's still being treated for it but aside from the squeaking, only peeing a few drops and arching his back there's nothing abnormal about him, he acts the way he did the day I got him.

Is it possible he just has a UTI? I really can't afford surgery for stones and it'd break my heart to put him down, but I can treat a UTI easily, please please try and help me as much as you can!

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Post   » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:40 pm

It's much more likely that he has a stone. We can't help him, and neither can you. He needs an x-ray ASAP to confirm whether or not that's the case, and where the stone is. He's in pain, and it's your responsibility to get treatment for him -- it's as much a part of responsible pet ownership as food and housing.

If his urethra becomes completely blocked, you'll have a full-blown emergency on your hands. Please find a way to get him to a good exotic vet and have the problem properly diagnosed.

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Post   » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:49 pm

Ditto bpatters. Competent vet. STAT.

If his urethra becomes totally blocked, his bladder can rupture. That is a horribly painful way to die.

Please let us know how he's doing. Many vets offer credit plans for emergencies.

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