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I am devastated. My 3 1/2 year-old guinea pig might have a lung tumor. The vet thinks that there is a solid mass in her left lung, he's leaning tower it's more of a Tumor rather than scarring. Does anybody have experience with lung issues, specifically more of a solid mass in the long rather than water? What should I expect? What is the prognosis for this condition? I am trying now nebulized Baytril in case this is A lung infection rather than Tumor I did try regular Baytril but it messed up her stomach so I'm trying the nebulizer now. After week if she hasn't gotten better, we will do an x-ray and compare the x-ray from three weeks to the new x-ray and hopefully that will give us more information. If anybody has experience with any of the above please share. I really appreciate it. My life will never be the same without my guinea pig.

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I'm so very sorry.

I don't have experience with lung tumors in guinea pigs. But I can tell you that it's very likely inoperable. Lung surgery is very hard even on humans, and guinea pigs don't tolerate lengthy anesthesia anywhere near as well as humans do. When you add the necessary broken ribs to get to a lung tumor, the inability to keep a pig still for a suction drain to work, and the necessity of force feeding after such a surgery, it's just insurmountable, IMO. As harsh as it may sound, if it is a tumor, the kindest thing to do would be to keep her comfortable as long as you can, and let her go when it's no longer possible.

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Aiko, our last deceased pig, had cancer, one on her lungs. It was a fast spreading cancer too, as her monthly check did not cause any worry. A few weeks later, I noticed a mammary tumor, and x-rays showed multiple metastasized all over her body. As she just started to struggle a bit between the discovery and the vet appointment a few days later, we decided that she would start to struggle more and fast, so we had to put her to sleep, it was our vet's advice. It broke our hearts that it spread so fast.


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Wow. That is devastating. so, it depends on how aggressive the tumor is? could it be lung scarring rather that a tumor? could anyone look at the x rays if I email them and give me an opinion?

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