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Hello. I wanted to write this thread about Thunder. He was a two year old male, neutered American guinea pig. In 2016, my guinea pig Sunrise started lying in strange positions and sneezing. Unsettled, I started weighing her, and five days later brought her into the vet. She had bad lung sounds, so an x-ray was taken. It showed pneumonia, and she was placed on Baytril and nebulizing twice a day. It got worse over the next month, before getting better, and clearing up all together. About two months later, I noticed Thunder, her cagemate was lying in the same position as she had been, but he wasn't sneezing and still had an appetite. A month later, I was playing with him, and I noticed his nose was full of dried discharge, and he was wheezing. Furious I hadn't caught it, I rushed him into the vet the next morning. After an X-ray was taken, it was shown as terrible, and he was struggling to breathe. He was placed on oxygen. The following day he was started on Baytril and nebulizing, which had no effect. All of his limbs had locked up, and he was unable to stand. We gave him emergency Azithromycin, which had a massive effect. A week later, the x-rays were taken and he was able to be off oxygen. However, by the end of the day more problems were clearly apparent. He became neurologic, unable to walk in a straight line, made no sounds, and was very ill. Instantly we ran more tests and he was diagnosed with scurvy and meningitis. Furious with myself, I took him home and gave him his meds and injections. At this point he was on seven meds and a shot every day. Two days later, he became blind. His eyes were non responsive and he brushed his nose over the floor wherever he was walking. He staggered when he walked and was very weak. We tried removing some of his meds and backing off a bit, but his vision never returned and he became worse. He developed an inner ear infection, and he has a massive neurological issue. He couldn't retain his body temperature. At the end of the day, he was unable to remember how to eat, and he groomed his food and would bite down and put a hole in it. After this went on for three days, he was on so many meds, and he couldn't retain body heat. At this point, we just anesthetized him lightly, and euthanized him. He was euthanized is January 2017.

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You already started a thread on Thunder last January. You can add this to that thread if you wish.

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